Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 199

Our premium grade nicotine salt bases ready to flavour! NicSelect Smooth Salt NicSelect Velvet Salt (Nicotine levulinate) For formulators, research indicates that nicotine levulinate may act to desensitises the upper respiratory tract potentially allowing for the vaped nicotine to be inhaled deeper into the lungs. Some studies also suggest that nicotine levulinate may enhance the binding of nicotine to neurons that ordinarily would be unresponsive to nicotine. Nicotine levulinate is slightly acidic (around pH 6.0) For vapers, nicotine levulinate was highly appreciated in our test panels with the best balance for smoothness and nicotine hit whilst having no or minimal influence on flavour. (Nicotine benzoate) For formulators, nicotine benzoate appears to reduce or neutralise the taste of the nicotine and with a near neutral pH (around pH 6.5) results in an easy and soft throat hit. In research conducted by Li et al, nicotine benzoate was shown to have the best properties in taste, reduction of throat irritation and maintenance of nicotine stability making it one of the main and preferred salts for e-liquids. For vapers, nicotine benzoate was one of the first salts to hit the market help create the nicotine salt buzz. Our test panels noted that it was the smoothest to vape while offering a rapid and notable nicotine hit. NicSelect Chill Salt NicSelect Rush Salt (Nicotine ditartrate) For formulators, Nicotine ditartrate salt is commercialised extensively in smoking cessation products globally and, supported by years of use and research, is nowadays one of the more popular salts found in e-liquids. Nicotine ditartrate has a near neutral taste when vaped making it a popular choice for formulation with all types of liquids and flavour combinations with the most rapid uptake and nicotine hit (rush) in our range. Nicotine ditartrate is slightly acidic (pH around 6.2). For vapers, nicotine ditartrate provides a stronger throat feel and a full on nicotine hit. Our test panels noted it had the quickest and most potent and closest to “cigarette like” nicotine uptake and rush. (Nicotine salicylate) For formulators, nicotine salicylate has a growing market share as salicylic acid is considered one of the more natural of the acid salts as it is commonly found in fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, nuts, and teas. Like nicotine levulinate and nicotine benzoate the lower pH provides an enhanced and smoother vaping experience. Nicotine salicylate is slightly more acidic (pH around 4.8). Our test panel found nicotine salicylate to be smooth with a “coolness” to the vape. Little or no flavour changes were reported and nicotine delivery was reported to be strong yet without any harsh throat hit. NicSelect Silver Salt (Nicotine lactate) For formulators, nicotine lactate provides another natural acid solution being found in dairy products such as cheese and yoghurt as well as naturally occurring in the human body. Nicotine lactate is one of the more acidic salts, but this does not negatively affect the vape experience (pH around 4.0). For vapers. Our testers reported nicotine lactate to be pleasant to vape with a mid-range nicotine delivery at low temperatures but without a strong throat hit. Interestingly nicotine lactate appeared to soften the nicotine taste in the e-liquids, no other major flavour changes were reported, although some flavours needed to be added at higher concentrations as the nicotine lactate appears to soften or dampen some flavours. For more technical information or to discuss your specific requirements, please contact: Tel: +41 91 604 69 21 Email: VM19 | 199