Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 198

NICSELECT RUSH SALT NICSELECT SMOOTH SALT Now available from NICSELECT CHILL SALT the leading supplier of nicotine to the vaping industry. NICSELECT VELVET SALT Nicotine Salts NICSELECT SILVER SALT The primary function of organic salt acids in nicotine salts are to help the nicotine salt vaporise at lower temperatures, to lower the pH levels in the nicotine salt, to improve nicotine absorption and to provide a “smoother throat hit” either because of the lower pH or desensitisation of the throat. We offer a range of salts as each salt has slightly different modes of action, pharmacokinetics and characteristics. From an organoleptic perspective different salts also seem to work better with different flavours. Made in the EU and supported by our renowned customer service and technical support across Europe. 198 | VM19