Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 191

JUICE REVIEWS BY PEACHES ATKINSON Jammie Blueberry Blue Trillions Tropical Soda A wonderfully-straightforward flavour, this juice boasts a fruity and subtly- sweet blueberry jam. The flavour is just that, a straight-up fruity, albeit slightly tart, taste that is an incredibly easy flavour to vape. It has just the right amount of sweetness, without becoming sickly at all. I’m not usually a big fan of blueberry vapes, however due to this liquid’s rather mild blueberry element, I found it to be quite palatable. At 70 percent VG, this e-liquid is best utilised in a sub-ohm setup. I have been using it in a dual coil RDA, and the flavour is very impressive indeed. I felt that the mildness of the flavour as a whole actually worked to this juice’s advantage, due to the fact that it made it very pleasant to vape, without unnecessarily over-complicating an already decent liquid. A whimsically nostalgic flavour, Blue Trillions is a memory-evoking blueberry bubblegum e-liq ZY \]HZ[œ[Z[\[وH[\[K\šZXH\ݙ\HY] XZ[]B[\X[Y]H܈[[ Y^H\KHXY[H\X\[Hٝ ][]Z[[Y]\XBZ]H[ HXY[H[[Y[˜\HYH[][[ܙHXBYX\H[K\H]\ۜ]Y[\HX[Y[ܙX]HH[[[XXB\[^\Y[KۈH^[H\[[H[^X[H\XX]HHY]XY[Bۙ\[\[HX]H] Y][HY[ۈ[HKH[Y[][HX[Y[\ZXB\\Y\HXHZ]H܂[H]\^H\H\[\\[ۈۈY[[\K[\]ZY\]][\B^[Y[H[Z[\HX[Z][\H[ˈ\ۈZ[\ZXKB[\][[ܙHˈH[]X[]\]][\\HY\HZ]K^B[X\K]\[ܙHۈH[HYB]\[H[ܙHX[\XZ]HYK]\H]\\[^X]Y[\K\H\KH\[X\H\[HY\][\]X[H\ Y][X\[ ]\Xˈ\H[B]\^HٙۙH[\X[[]\ܙX]HH\\Z]HK[Y[]\H\[]\H[ܙH[ ]\[Y[ۂY\[^K][[ٙ[H\܈\]\[XYHH[X\B܈]\ˈ]\[XXXHۈB^[H[\]\\ܙY][\K[HX\ٙYH[[HXHܙX[HHZ]KY][\\K\šZXH\\YۈH\] ]\[˜[H[H\Y]H\H[ ]Y\Xܛ\Z[]Z]H[\B[\\و]ZYܝ\]\˂\H\H[\\^]Y\[[H]]]^\ۈH \˜H]\]X]\\XH]BY\K\[ܝ[XHX\Y]˂\H\[&]X[H\\XH]\˜[HY\\[H[\X[HۙK܈^[\K]\YX[X]H]ؙ\H܈[\K]\\YZ]H[Y]ݙ\[ \K[\]ZY[\\ۙ\[ ]]][™YY\\[]Y\XZ[™ۈ[[\H]\[[Y[ B[YYH[HY]\\™K[\]ZY [\XX[HHZ[\HXX[[Y\ˈH\\H\XK\[[[BX[XHܙX[K^\H[Y][\]X[H[[Y]ٙYKHٝ ܙX[^H[Y][[HXHܙX[H\\H\\[ۂ[[[[[H[\XX]HBݙ\[Z[H[[\YB]\HZ[\وH[[BXHܙX[H\[YHHX[Y]ٙYK[XH^H][H[X[H\XX]HH™]\X[HXZHH[[X]B\\\K\]H][]\Y]]\\ۙ[\[\šZXHY][H[Y[Y]܈XK]\[[[[ܙYXHX\[[]\\H \[K[\]ZY \\X[ۂ\[\H[\\]KLNH NL