Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 190

REVIEWS JUICE REVIEWS BY ALEX SHENKER QUARTET FORTE LEGATO Quartet from Black Note features a Latakia tobacco blend. A Syrian tobacco that is apparently cured once in the sun and then again using the smoke from different herbs. The flavours in this e-liquid are very complex and definitely for the tobacco vape enthusiasts out there. It’s a very peppery flavour with punchy, aromatic notes that would take me weeks to decipher. I’ve never hidden the fact that tobacco e-liquids aren’t really my thing, but I can definitely appreciate the amount of effort and work that Black Note put in to create easily the best quality and most authentic tasting tobaccos on the market. Now apparently the Burley tobacco blend featured in Forte is used in many of the most popular brands of cigarettes sold today. Black Note have taken these leaves, selected from a farm near Mount Vesuvius in Italy, steeped them for six weeks and used their essence to create this rich, complex tobacco e-liquid. The flavour is full-bodied and very reminiscent of a classic cigarette. There are so many different notes and undertones on display I’d struggle to put it in to words. So I’ll just say that if you’re someone who smokes cigarettes but is looking to try vaping and wants a familiar flavour, Forte effortlessly bridges the gap between the two. Last up we have Legato, another Italian tobacco blend, this time Kentucky. It’s a much smoother flavour than the other two I’ve sampled today. Though it’s still very rich and earthy, I found Legato a lot easier to vape than the other two flavours as the tobacco is a little less punchy and in your face. It’s a really sophisticated flavour and I’d definitely recommend this juice to anyone looking for more of an entry point in to the high- end tobacco liquid market. It’s also worth mentioning that all of these Black Note juices are 50:50 in VG:PG so they’re really accessible and can be used in pretty much any vape. I can definitely see myself vaping more of Legato as it is the mildest of the three today and I may well be converted. MOUNTAIN FOX CBD STRAWBERRY & WATERMELON BLACKCURRANT & MENTHOL MANGOES & CREAM VG/PG Ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate It’s often best to stick with simple flavour profiles when formulating CBD e-liquids, as the organic compounds lend their own distinct taste to the mix. Strawberry and watermelon is a well- loved combination that may be seen as a safe choice but it works well in this context. The predominant flavour here is a sticky candied strawberry. This is complemented well by a more subtle, candied watermelon and whilst this is not a ground breaking pair, it is pleasant. The botanical flavour from the CBD isolate is relatively noticeable but works well with the fruit elements. This is a mellow CBD e-liquid ideal for beginners. Blackcurrant & Menthol is another simple but classic profile from Mountain Fox CBD. This blend doesn’t try to overcomplicate things and instead opts for something which plays well with the CBD isolate. The blackcurrant is potent and of the candied variety, carrying plenty of sweetness whilst retaining some of the deeper notes you might expect from a more natural portrayal. This is supported by a strong menthol finish that not only works well with the fruit notes but also does a good job of concealing the flavour imparted by CBD. Vapers who do not wish to taste the CBD element of their e-liquid will enjoy this one. Mango is a difficult flavour to replicate at the best of times, so it is quite ambitious of Mountain Fox to try and incorporate it into a CBD blend. In this case I’m not entirely sure that it comes across as intended but that’s not to say that this is an unpleasant flavour. The top note is a vague tropical fruit that’s difficult to pinpoint. Mango may well be part of the mix but it certainly isn’t dominant. The supporting cream flavour is quite mild but does bring some sweetness to the profile. The natural CBD flavour is much more prominent here than in the other Mountain Fox offerings that I have sampled and it is pleasant, though likely an acquired taste. This one is probably more suited to those who want to taste the CBD in their e-liquid. 190 | VM19 JUICE REVIEWS BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES