Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 186

REVIEWS Happy Dough Lucky JUICE REVIEWS BY PEACHES ATKINSON Streamin’ Soda Streamin’ Soda Jelly Donut - In my time as a reviewer, I have tried many jam doughnut flavours, all of which I enjoyed. This one was no exception. A rich, sweet and sticky strawberry jam is more apparent on inhaling. It is very flavourful, and you can definitely pick up on the realistic sugary jam. As you hold the vapour in your lungs, you then get to experience the less sweet, but very inviting freshly-fried doughnut. A very uncomplicated mix of flavours, there is no doubt that this juice gives testament to the saying ‘less is more.’ A very smooth and pleasant to vape juice. Cherryade - A classically refreshing warm weather vape, Cherryade is reminiscent of your favourite childhood beverage. It has a powerful, sweet and sour cherry taste upon inhalation. It felt a little artificial, however not in a negative way, as it added to the authenticity of it meaning to taste like a soda. It has the same feel to it as an actual fizzy drink, and the slight sharpness is quickly balanced by a sweet, partially sugary note.There is a unique aftertaste to this juice, not unlike a very mild, but still present, koolada. I particularly enjoyed the way that this e-liquid reminded me of drinking ice-cold cherry fizzy drinks on a hot summer’s day. Cola Despite being a cola fizzy drink flavour, I felt that this juice was more on the side of a cola bottle gummy sweet, rather than a traditional fizzy cola drink. Although it didn’t come across as a drink to me, I could still appreciate the flavour and find points of it I could relish. This e-liquid has a pretty simple set of flavours, and the cola is both sweet and a little sour. The sweetness was most noticeable whilst I was inhaling, and the sharper, more sour edge became more apparent on exhaling. It provided a pleasantly smooth throat hit. CherryOla Cowabunga Jelly Shot I’m an absolute sucker for anything cola flavoured so this e-liquid was an absolute treat for me. The first thing you’ll notice with a bottle of this elixir is the smell. My nostrils were instantly filled with a syrupy scent of fizzy cola and sweet cherries upon taking the cap off of the colourful bottle. I enthusiastically loaded up my freshly wicked RDA and with high expectations took my first puff. I was not disappointed. The sweet, sugary cola hits you first, with all the fizzy, slightly spiced notes that you’d expect. Not long after my tongue was finished processing that, the cherry joined the mix. Rather than a fresh fruity flavour it’s more of a candy cherry that I definitely think complements the cola flavour perfectly. Cherry Cola is a classic combo and I think this is one of the best examples of an e-liquid that represents that. 186 | VM19 Cowbunga brings something a bit more refreshing to the table. If you’re into your minty e-liquids this may just be the perfect juice for you. Something I’ve noticed about Phil’s Shorts liquids is the instant smell you get upon popping off the cap. Each one smells exactly like you’d expect and really gets you excited to taste the juice. In this case a waft of sweet, minty candy filled the air and my nose and I knew I was in for something amazing. The flavour on display here is subtle but effective, of course the first thing that you taste is the mint, a sweet and warming mint flavour that reminded me a bit of candy canes at Christmas. As I began to exhale I got more of the sweetness and as the mint began to taper off I was left with a pleasant, refreshing taste in my mouth. I definitely recommend trying this juice if you’re looking for a bit of a palate cleanser. JUICE REVIEWS BY ALEX SHENKER Another sweet, candy juice here to finish off my roundup of some of the Phil’s Shorts e-liquids. Jelly Shot is a mixed gummy candy that expertly blends a few different fruity sweet flavours in to one hell of a fun liquid. The main flavour here is strawberry gummies, it’s the first taste you get on the inhale and it’s the predominant thing you’re left with on your palate afterwards. Sandwiched in between the inhale and exhale you get smackings of raspberry and watermelon candy, both of which being a little sourer than the strawberry and acting as a worthy companion to the sweetness of the red fruit. The overall effect fills your mouth with an incredible flavour that harkens back to packets of sweets from my youth. I absolutely have to recommend this juice to anyone, but if like me you have a very sweet tooth you’ll be in for a treat with Jelly Shot.