Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 184

REVIEWS JUICE REVIEWS BY ALEX SHENKER Bon Bon Rouge Sunrise Smoothie Graham Finale Pink Punch Lemonade Chilled Melon Remix A classic French dessert, Bon Bon is a sweet and whole-tasting baked apple crêpe flavoured e-liquid. It has a marvellously- organised set of flavours, all carefully designed to create a smooth, satisfying and very palatable vaping experience. There are notes of a mild-tasting, slightly doughy baked crêpe, enveloped in notes of a soft, sweet and slightly spicy cinnamon apple. The exhalation was smooth and I could pick up on a very mellow creaminess that worked superbly well with the spicy cinnamon. There is a subtle sweetness that lingers on your tongue after exhaling, and leaves you wanting to vape more. A delicious and realistic blend of sweet, creamy banana and smooth strawberries. I found this flavour to taste exactly like a real smoothie, and not at all artificial. The banana presents itself as mild, but holds enough flavouring in it to add a unique and well-rounded element to this e-liquid. The banana is most prominent during inhalation, and it offers a balanced and subtle sweetness. As you hold the vapour in your lungs, the smooth strawberry comes into play. The most accurate way to describe the notes of strawberry would have to be wholesome, slightly tangy and this complements the banana perfectly. This is closely followed by a subtle creaminess that really wraps up the other flavours in a very satisfying way. Easily the best strawberry and banana flavour I have ever tried. I absolutely love lemonade flavours and they usually feature in at least one of my vapes at all times. I’m pleased to say that as from today this liquid is going to be a permanent fixture in my e-liquid collection. Everything about this juice screams quality, from the design of the label, to the mouth-watering smell of it, but most importantly the flavour is on point. It’s sweet and tangy in equal parts. Of course, the citrus lemonade is the constant, its incredible refreshing quality reaching every corner of the tapestry of flavour being woven here. There’s a good amount of strawberry that brings you up to a sweet high, before you’re brought back down to earth by a tangy punch of pink grapefruit. All of the flavours get a chance to shine here and they all complement each other perfectly. I have to give a round of applause to the mixers here as it’s so effortlessly blended and balanced, I don’t think I could ever get bored of this e-liquid. 184 | VM19 An extremely simple, yet extremely effective arrangement of flavour components, Rouge is here to impress. Unscrewing the cap, there was an immensely fruity blast emanating from the bottle, leaving me anxious to try it. The strong, red apple notes became even more apparent when vaping (especially on an RDA set up). It tasted very realistic, and the ripe apple was quietly followed by a subtle sweetness, that accentuates the more dominant tartness of a red apple. The whole experience in vaping this juice, was incredibly smooth, and I didn’t have an uncomfortable throat hit at all. As a 70 percent VG e-liquid, cloud production was very impressive too. A one-of-a-kind flavour, Graham Finale is a Graham cracker coated with strawberry jelly. You can certainly pick up on a fruity, edgy strawberry jam, followed closely by a sweet, and sugary cinnamon biscuit. The cinnamon is soft and complementary to the ever-so-slightly sharp strawberry jelly. It comes across as incredibly smooth and incredibly easy to vape. The jam elements are more potent, especially when combined with the sweeter element of a cinnamon biscuit. What I appreciated most about this juice would be the full on, but not overwhelming, way it vapes. It has just the right amount of sweetness, without becoming overly potent. I could definitely see this as an all-day vape. This is a high VG e-liquid, meaning it’s ideal for sub-ohm setups. Expect great cloud production. This juice makes me think of a large glass pitcher on a hot sum Y\H^K[YH[H]XH]\[ZXBX\وY[ۙ^Y]Y[ۋH[&][وX[H[›[ܙHY\[[Y\[\Y[][HHܙ]B\X]H[][YY[ۈ[Z^ Hۙ^Y]Y[ۂ]\[\Y\H\^[Y[HX\]H[\\\ZBHX[[ˈ]\[[Y[]HX[[[[قY]\ˈHY][ۈو[XHY[Y[\^Y\و\\\[Y\[[X][KHݙ\[]\\[ܚ\ Y][Y\[ˈ[[ Y^H\B܈\K