Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 182

REVIEWS JUICE REVIEWS BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Dragon’s Blood Chronos Custard Exotic Tropic VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate Described as a blend of berries with a dark twist, Dragon’s Blood is a simple but intriguing e-liquid. A bright raspberry is the top note here, it’s candied but still carries some of the sour tang found in its real-life counterpart. This is complemented well by a deeper base of dark berries, seemingly a mix of blueberry, blackcurrant and blackberry. This adds both floral and earthy notes to the mix and also lends thick, syrupy connotations to the profile. The blend is finished with an enigmatic note reminiscent of sherbet but it’s difficult to say for sure. Fans of fruit profiles will likely enjoy this one. Many dessert fanatics judge an e-liquid manufacturer by the quality of its custard offerings, so how does this blend from Thor Juice fare? Chronos Custard is a heavy hitter that doesn’t shy away from emulating the decadent confectionery it’s based upon. This is a rich, thick dessert profile laden with eggy richness and a buttery smooth mouth feel. This is complemented well by light top notes of caramel and a hint of cake that results in a full-bodied custard and bakery blend that will impress those looking for a dessert e-liquid which lingers on the palate. Described as a blend of tropical island fruits, Exotic Tropic has a loud but simple profile. A candied pineapple dominates the mix here. It’s a very bright top note that carries a good amount of sweetness but also includes some of the tartness you would expect from an authentic pineapple. This is backed up by what seems to be a citrus medley predominantly comprised of white grapefruit. This is a tried and tested fruit pairing that results in a nicely balanced profile reminiscent of a tropical beverage. I found Exotic Tropic to be light and refreshing but it did come along with a moderate throat hit. Medusa Ares Wobbly Goblin VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild Medusa is billed as a mix of candied fruit, fizzy citrus and aniseed. If you think this sounds like an acquired taste, you’d be right. A candied fruit medley is the most prominent flavour here, it’s what would happen if you took a handful of assorted gummy sweets and ate them all at once. It’s not unpleasant, but it is difficult to distinguish the individual fruit flavours. This is supported by a more defined fizzy lime note which enhances the candy profile well. The mix is finished with a subtle hint of aniseed which makes for an interesting twist. Aniseed has always been a divisive flavour and for me it works well in this case, though for some vapers it will be a deal-breaker. Medusa is a good choice for those looking for something a little different. Strawberry cream e-liquids are another staple of vaping and a competent rendition is always sure to be a crowd pleaser. Whilst some of its competitors place more emphasis on either the strawberry or cream elements of the mix, Ares achieves a well-rounded balance of the two. The strawberry here is mostly a candied portrayal but does also have hints of some slightly earthier natural notes. This is a good start, since a one-dimensional strawberry could over simplify this already stripped back profile. This is supported by a thick vanilla cream which provides a luxurious mouth-feel and amps up the overall sweetness. The vanilla cream element leans more towards confectionery than authentic dairy, but this is likely what many people are looking for in this kind of blend. Ares doesn’t challenge the format, but it is a very solid strawberry cream profile. Described as a blend of blackcurrant, citrus and kiwi, Wobbly Goblin is another adventurous fruit profile from Thor Juice. The blackcurrant and citrus elements take centre stage here. The blackcurrant top note is candied but not overly sweet and is complemented very well by the fizzy citrus medley which seems to be mostly comprised of lime. The mild florals of this dark fruit are accentuated by the sharper citrus kick from the lime resulting in a bold and interesting fruit profile. The kiwi element of Wobbly Goblin is more of an accent but it does add some depth to the mix by supporting both the tartness of the citrus and rounding out the sweeter notes of the blackcurrant. Wobbly Goblin is a vivid e-liquid that fruit fans will enjoy. 182 | VM19