Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 177

REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES JENSON DEVICE SPECS: Dimensions: 80mm x 37.5mm x 10mm Battery capacity: 370mAh built in cell Tank capacity: 2ml disposable pod Power output: Depends on battery voltage Charging: Micro USB, 0.5A • Tiny size • Satisfying pod performance • Comfortable mouthpiece • Limited battery life Just when you thought pod systems couldn’t get any smaller, the Jenson QT steps in. This device exemplifies the current race to make the tiniest vape possible. A miniscule 10mm depth means that the QT will easily slide into any pocket virtually unnoticed, but does this design choice sacrifice performance and practicality to achieve an extreme form factor? This is a very simple open pod system. There’s no airflow control, wattage adjustment or temperature settings to be found here. This may be off-putting for some experienced vapers, but the QT is clearly aimed at beginners who are looking for a hassle-free experience. The 2ml pods are easily filled via a rubber seal on the bottom and a clearly visible wick means that you won’t have to guess as to when your coil is saturated and ready to vape. The longevity is respectable but not outstanding. During moderate use expect to get around a week out of each pod. The pressure activated pods have a fairly tight mouth-to-lung draw, which is ideal for the rather conservative power output of the QT system. Thinner e-liquids are advised here, which should be no surprise to those familiar with pods. I had no issues when using 50/50 PG/VG blends, but thicker liquids may dramatically shorten the pod’s lifespan or even fail to wick. This isn’t really an issue because the vast majority of high strength e-liquids are less viscous and are clearly what the QT was designed for. Vapour output is unsurprisingly reserved, and flavour is about average for this kind of device. I found brighter fruit flavours to work best in the QT, which is becoming something of a trend for low output pod devices. This performance is very respectable considering the tiny size of the system and many vapers will be surprised to hear that the QT can go toe-to-toe with larger pods in the vape quality department. Battery life is the only real stumbling block of the system. The 370mAh cell lasts a surprisingly long time but will still need to be recharged several times during the day if the QT is your primary device. This shouldn’t really shock anyone, but it must be noted since the system is clearly aimed at new users. The short battery life means the QT is best suited for use as a back up device, or for short trips when a stealthy vape is required. The QT is an interesting pod system that has surprisingly good performance for its tiny size but sacrifices battery life in order become one of the most inconspicuous vapes available on the market. It’s great for infrequent use of high nicotine strength e-liquids, but don’t expect it to last long on a charge if you’re a chain vaper. VM19 | 177