Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 172

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES MESH PRO TANK SPECS: Diameter: 25mm Capacity: 2ml (TPD/EUedition), optional 4/5/6ml extension Construction: Stainless steel and resin Freemax were the first stock coil tank manufacturer to introduce mesh coils to their line up with the Fireluke Mesh Tank, and in doing so they sparked one of the biggest changes to mainstream vaping since the Aspire Atlantis, the very first sub-ohm tank, which was released all the way back in 2014. Fill method: Push and slide top-fill Mesh coils produce a noticeably better vape than traditional round wire stock heads and as a result, every tank manufacturer has scrambled to produce their own mesh offerings to stay relevant. The Mesh Pro is Freemax’s second mesh- based tank and it aims to trample on competitors with an even more adventurous coil design than the tank that kicked off this mesh revolution. • Top tier flavour and vapour production The Mesh Pro is not an aesthetically subtle tank. Coming in at 59.8mmx25mm, with bold resin and stainless steel construction, the size and material choices make for an atomiser that is best used on similarly large or audacious mods. This may be off-putting for some, but with the already huge success of the tank we will likely see a plethora of new material options soon. • Long lasting coils • Easy top fill • Extreme juice consumption • Adjustable 510 can come loose At the time of writing, there are eight different coil head options available for the Mesh Pro, with a ninth coming soon. Five of these are mesh-based coils and that’s likely what most users will be looking for. The single mesh coil is the most reserved of these and provides a near identical vape to that of the original Fireluke Mesh system. Users who prefer medium wattages will be best served here and I found the sweet spot to be anywhere between 45W-60W with this particular head. The dual and triple mesh coils are really what sets the Mesh Pro apart from its competitors. They’re more power hungry and will obliterate your e-liquid supplies but in return you will get what is quite possibly the best stock coil vaping experience currently available. I enjoyed both dual and triple mesh heads anywhere between 70-100W. There isn’t a huge difference between the vape quality of these heads, though the triple coils do seem to last slightly longer and produce a marginally denser vape. I was able to push at least 80ml of e-liquid through each before any noticeable decline in performance. The sliding top-fill and airflow control are standard but functional and I had no problems with either of these components. The Freemax Mesh Pro is an absolute must try for any enthusiastic vaper who does not wish to venture into the world of rebuildable atomisers. 172 | VM19