Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 171

REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES DEVICE SPECS: Battery capacity: 1500mAh internal cell Tank capacity: 2ml Charging: Micro USB Perhaps one of the most high-profile vaping companies, blu have focused solely on the starter market since its inception. The new blu ACE kit is a very simple albeit modern AIO system that is much more versatile than previous offerings from this industry giant. Coil type: 0.6Ohm SS316L The ACE may come as something of a surprise to keen vapers, since blu have historically been known for disposable and closed systems tailored to those on the very beginnings of their vaping journey. This new AIO subverts expectations in several ways and it’s difficult to complain when such an influential company decides to seriously act on consumer feedback. • Sleek form factor The first surprising thing about the ACE is its form factor and resulting battery capacity. Previous blu kits have all been very diminutive and unlikely to last for a full day’s use at the best of times without a charge. That’s not the case this time around. Although still small in the grand scheme of things, the ACE is a full-sized AIO with an internal 1500mAh cell. When using high strength nicotine e-liquids with the ACE as my primary device, I found it easily lasted me a full day without the need for a charge. In terms of practical changes, this is a serious improvement and makes the ACE a convenient option for new vapers who need an accessible and simple device. • Impressive 1500mAh cell • Good vape quality from small coils • Not the best coil longevity The included spiral drip tip does a good job of preventing spit-back and is also interchangeable with your choice of LL[]YXK]8&\YH]H\B^Z[][[ۈH[\]Z[\H[H\]X[]H][\\œH[Z[HYܝXZH\H[H[\[KHZ\۝[[]HوH]XH[H\\X[[H^\Y[HHX\ۘXHYܙYKHH\XY[] ][[[B^HH\H\XY\X ][[]ˈ\[X\HHو]\\YH[H\\]]Z\Y\Y\X[ۋYH[]\ܛYY\]HY\][˂HXZ\\[ Y[Y]\[]][ۘ\K]]ܚ[\H[HY\HX]\H\\X[ۈۈ[\XHوK[\]ZY[H[YYHX[KH HM[[Y[HPH\H\B\][\\] ۸&]HYHHX[H\\[KY8$\B[ܚ\]Y\X[H[[H\X\[H\\YBH]\[\\X[ۈۈٙ\M\ۛۈ܈]X[]\[\[XZ[YH\KH[H[\܈\[X][HۙHYZ›و[\]H\KX\[][X\XH[˂[[[X\KHHPH\HY\\]]ܚ]][H[[ZX˂]8&\[[\X܈[ X\YX[H\\[ٙ\X[X[H[ܙB]\HYH[\[\˂LNH M