Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 170

REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES DEVICE SPECS: Dimensions: 92x62.5x30mm Construction: Zinc alloy Battery: 2x 21700/20700/18650 Weight: 258g Power output: 7-220W Maximum voltage output: 7.5V Charging: 1.5A TANK SPECS: Dimensions: 25x50mm Capacity: 4ml (standard) / 6ml (bubble glass) • Great build quality • Simple, functional chipset • Above average tank • 21700, 20700, 18650 compatible • Some vapour lock issues on the Tallica Mini tank TALLICA MINI TANK Following on from the consistently solid Punk series of devices, the XT220 has big shoes to fill. The first things to note about this device are its construction and aesthetics. This is a heavy, sturdy mod. Coming in at 258g without batteries or an atomiser installed, this is not a device for those with stealth in mind. The construction feels about as solid as it can possibly get within the mid-priced range. There are as few seams as possible in the design, and it’s clear that the XT220 was built to last. TESLACIGS have done away with the quirky steam-punk look, opting for a more minimalistic design. If I had to guess, it seems the chassis of this device was based on the looks of a high-end gaming PC, with sleek curves, LED lights and a clear panel on one side of the mod. Ergonomically, the XT220 is comfortable and satisfying. It’s a very large device, but the curved design makes it fit comfortably in the hand, and the large fire button is easily accessed whether using your thumb or index finger. The heavy construction only adds to the luxurious feel of the XT220, and the weight is well balanced, so this mod is unlikely to tip over when put down. The chipset here is simplistic but functional. Everything is very responsive, and power is delivered to your atomiser with no delay whatsoever. There are a variety of settings to play with, including memory banks, preheat, temperature control and LED. The preheat settings work nicely, temperature control seems to be reasonably accurate, which can be amended by tinkering with TCR settings. The LEDs can be customised or turned off entirely. I must commend TESLACIGS for sticking to a simple, unpretentious design here. In keeping with this philosophy, there is a hard on/off switch located just below the fire button. This is more convenient than simply locking the device and is also more reassuring if you plan to travel with your XT220. The Tallica Mini tank that’s bundled with the kit is an interesting addition. Its TS- XX mesh coils perform well at a wide range of wattages, which is a welcome feature. Tesla recommend anywhere between 60-110W, and whilst the higher end of this range was a bit too hot for my liking, there was no sign of a burnt coil. The TS-XX has above average flavour and dense, satisfying vapour production. Coil longevity is decent, too. I managed to put approximately 70ml of e-liquid through each coil before a noticeable drop in performance. Airflow is generous, though slightly turbulent when wide open. I preferred closing the control ring off by about one third to enhance flavour and get a smoother experience. Installing the coil is also somewhat unconventional. Rather than screwing the atomiser into the base of the device, you slot it into the tank, which is fool proof and does away with issues caused by over-tightening coils. I will say that I sometimes got a “no-atomiser” warning with the tank but unscrewing the base and then putting it back together would always solve this issue. The only thing that you need to bear in mind with the Tallica Mini is that it does suffer from “vapour lock” – that is to say, if you don’t leave enough space for air in the top of the chamber, the wicking action suffers. This is easily avoided by not over-filling. The XT220W Kit is a solid bundle, boasting fantastic construction, consistent performance and simplistic design. The Tallica Mini tank produces a great vape at a variety of wattages. 170 | VM19