Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 165

Premier E-cigs - Mansfield, SeptEMBER 7 Often on tour, no matter where we go and what we see, it’s the people who make the best impression. Whilst getting the true premier industry experience at Premier E-Cigs, the bus was visited by a woman suffering from MS. She had been given a life expectancy of twenty years and had lived double that on a five-a-day habit. Now, urged by her children, she decided to quit, going home to personally pick up her pack to trade with us. After taking her starter kit, she signed up to the Vapouround Club to what we hope will be a long and fruitful journey for her. The Vapouround Bus is always on the road. Want our smoking cessation service on wheels to visit your vape shop or vape event? Contact bus manager Farooq on 01332 650 239 or email UPCOMING BUS STOPS OCT 5 VAPOUR WORX – WAKEFIELD OCT 9 LINCOLN UNI – POST GRADUATE EVENT OCT 12 THE VAPER SHOP UK – WORDSLEY GREEN OCT 19 VAPOUROUND VAPE SHOP LONDON OCT 26, 27, 28 VAPER EXPO UK NOVEMBER NOV 8 LINCOLN CITY SQUARE COME AND VISIT THE VAPOUROUND BUS AT THE VAPER EXPO uk VM19 | 165