Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 159

Vaper Expo Shop Birmingham, August 3 Like the show it was named after, the Vaper Expo Shop in Halesowen attracts the best and brightest. A relaxed atmosphere at the venue allowed us to enjoy more in-depth conversations with both vape shop workers and curious members of the public on our recent visit. It’s one thing to provide an entry point into vaping for curious smokers, but spending quality time with them as you do is a huge bonus. Refax Vapes, August 4 Shop manager Cheryl Yee hosted us on a beautiful sunny day on a busy high street providing perfect public exposure. An overwhelming majority of those we engaged were non-vapers having their first experience with our smoking cessation service. Even vapers who visited us left the bus determined to help get their friends and relatives off cigarettes. Inside the shop, we learned that Refax has connected extremely well with the local vaping community and everyone involved was happy to help grow it that day. VM19 | 159