Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 150

EVENTS VAPEXPRO ATHENS. SEPTEMBER 8 & 9 The third edition of Vapexpro in Greece was a crack! More than 7,000 attendees created a great atmosphere that will not be easily forgotten. We found exhibitors from all over the world, in an almost equal percentage with the local exhibitors, something that has created great diversity of products and cultures. We had 47 exhibitors without estimating the distributors booths. The location was ideal, next to the sea and easy to reach. A strong rain fell on Saturday afternoon and kind of slowed down everything, but Sunday was the day to be there. People started entering the place from the early start time until some minutes before the doors were closed. are Vapexpro Bulgaria 2019, Vapexpro Athens 2019 and The Vape Fest. This latter will be a three-day festival and details for this will be announced by the end of the year. The location is yet to be announced, but organisers promise to offer a great Vape Bazaar in a Camping Spot with music and of course, a lot of vape. Vapexpro Athens was totally an excellent weekend in a great place with many kind people. Taking awards home from year three of VAPEXPRO Greece were: One great surprise was the first application ever for an exhibition, where you could see live streaming on both the days with interviews, games and of course a live view of all 47 booths. Through the same app, people had the chance to vote for all of the awards at the exhibition. The app was a little buggy though, because of the enormous quantity of people connected at the same time. We are aiming to have a second improved version for 2019 for sure. Best Booth 2018: V Flavors Last but not least, the production company has announced three unmissable events for 2019. T \H\\[H8$XH8$XŒMLLNB\Y]KS\]ZY NX[HZ[8$[YHY\\\Z]KS\]ZY N\]ZY8$ܘ\HܛݙB\ؘXKS\]ZYXYZXH8$\[B\XX[Z^KS\]ZY[H8$ܘ[H\