Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 142

EVENTS VAPE SCANDINAVIA. JULY 28-29 By Dave Turner Travelling the world with Vapouround, I’ve been lucky enough to visit various countries and continents ranging from multiple European visits through to Canada, China and the US. I’d like to think then the following opinion is somewhat qualified and most definitely evidence-based. Copenhagen is expensive. Very expensive. It’s not that the burger that came with a small portion of chips and a glass of coke wasn’t a nice burger. It was in fact a very nice burger. It just wasn’t a £27 burger. It was a chance, I suppose, to once again examine my Danish Krone – the only currency I’ve ever used so far where some of the coins have a small hole in the middle of them rather like a Polo mint. It must be added that the city itself was beautifully designed and thoroughly organised, much like any expo organized by Jason and his team. Hosted at The Forum in Copenhagen, it was the inaugural Scandinavian event from the team that has already given us two helpings of Vape South America. Crowd wise the expo itself was quieter than perhaps would be described as average, but as it was a first time show I don’t think this was a major issue at all. The layout, organization and companies exhib