Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 14

NEWS ONE MILLION REASONS... Stoptober 2018 is to be huge as annual public health campaign has helped one million smokers quit and counting. By Gordon Stribling The 2018 Stoptober campaign has launched and vaping is set to play a significant role for a second year running. In 2017-18, two-thirds of smokers who used a combination of e-cigarettes and stop-smoking services successfully quit. Last year saw Public Health England (PHE) fully endorse e-cigarettes in its Stoptober TV ad for the first time after the devices proved hugely popular the previous year. As well as NHS stop smoking services, people quitting with e-cigarettes are being encouraged to seek expert advice from their local vape shop. The annual campaign encourages smokers to attempt to quit with support, online tools and by switching to safer nicotine products such as e-cigarettes. Evidence shows that by stopping smoking for 28 days, smokers are five times more likely to quit for good. PHE hopes to trigger as many quit attempts as possible by providing support and a broad range of products to appeal to a diverse smoking population. To date, Stoptober has encouraged over one million smokers to attempt to quit. PHE notes that nearly 60 percent of smokers attempt to quit cold-turkey without assistance despite this being the least-effective method. 14 | VM19 Philippa Simons, communications officer for PHE, said: “Our partnership with the IBVTA will be continuing this year and vape shops will be involved with that partnership. We’re also offering a personal quit plan and e-cigarettes will be one of the options presented.” Smokers will also be encouraged to use IBVTA’s ‘Find a Vape Shop’ tool. As with previous years, smokers are being encouraged to access the many other resources offered by PHE to increase their chances of quitting for good, such as those available on the Stoptober website and across social media, as well as an app, daily emails and peer support on Stoptober’s Facebook page. For more on Stoptober see page 54-56