Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 139

“The three-day expo will attract over 300 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, showcasing the very latest in hardware and juice. Visitors get the chance to sample all that’s new in the vaping world, get their hands on dozens of freebies, relax in the bar and chillout zones and be entertained by our resident DJ and compères. There’s never a dull moment at the show with exhibitors all vying to stay one step ahead with crazy competitions and giveaways.” for the changes which define an industry, a place where game-changing deals are made. In addition to seeing the start of our magazine, the show has been the platform for the vaunted Vapouround Awards. Delivering on this much hype twice a year means the team must keep the spirit of The Vaper Expo active and their visitors happy, as organisers know. “The Vaper Expo really is the must-attend vaping event of the year. We always bring even more to the show than ever before with designated feature zones and entertainment areas.” The Vaper Expo is split between a B2B day on Friday and a B2C weekend, but neither area has been privileged over the other. “We will once again be focussing on bringing the cream of the B2B element to the show, along with their most valued and dedicated customers via an extensive distribution of tickets and offers.” But the expo is far from inward-looking. It’s an essential spot, not just for British vapers, but vapers all over the world. The expo has always been the perfect launching pad for new companies and new products from every level of the trade. You’ll get a first- hand, front and centre experience of such cutting-edge releases before anyone else. And at the expo, the personal touch is never neglected. Once there, you’ll also get to meet your favourite shop owners, hardware crafters, juice mixers, reviewers and industry advocates. The May show introduced the Media Meet and Greet, where you could connect with vaping’s most colourful characters. We also saw the profile of YouTube reviewers and personalities raised at that show, given their indispensable role in popularising vaping on social media. The Vaper Expo UK has grown from an outing, to an experience, to a full-blown institution of British and global vaping. According to an expo press release, the show is “quickly transforming into a weekend event and with many other activities, restaurants, hotels and facilities onsite why not make a weekend of it?” Though the expo has plenty of style, it never neglects substance. It’s a catalyst Hopes are still high, as early bird ticket sales for October were sold out by late June. Those 300 exhibitors are racing to the end of October with a full head of steam, inspired and encouraged by what they can give to you. So, if you’re a vaper or involved in the trade and you don’t have tickets to the show, cancel your existing Halloween plans and book your place as soon as possible. If you’re a first-timer, we envy you – that feeling of discovery and wonderment we felt during our first trip three years ago. The strength and promising future of Britain’s vaping industry grants us a litany of experiences, and the Vaper Expo UK is one we all have in common. More and more vapers these days have their own “expo story” and we hope you’ll have yours soon. VM19 | 139