Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 136

FEATURE SPOTLIGHT: Q & A WITH VOOPOO TECH An exclusive exchange with a vaping hardware megastar By Leo Forfar Four years after its creation as a solution provider in medicine and industry and just one year after the launch of its first e-cigarettes, VOOPOO Tech has taken the hardware market by storm. It now employs over 500 personnel and is rapidly spreading its business throughout Europe, Asia and the US. How and why did you transition from serving the medical and industrial fields to the vaping industry? The decision to become an e-cigarette manufacturer was the result of our 15 years of experience. We had many achievements before stepping into the consumer market. We believe VOOPOO will work with its industry peers to promote the growth of the entire industry. Committing ourselves to improving health for a better future is the foundation of VOOPOO’s work. How have you managed to expand your business so far and so quickly? We never do any expansion for its own sake. Before VOOPOO was known in 2017, we didn’t even have a serious sales team. We believe products are the best spokesmen. Soon after we launched DRAG with GENE.FAN inside, our mods won widespread recognition. There were some doubts when our first tank UFORCE was born. But all the feedback after that prove we are gaining respect for our pursuit in craftsmanship and better user experience. 136 | VM19 How does VOOPOO stay ahead of the curve when it comes to innovation and manufacturing new technologies? Instead of just being nerds for technology alone, we are keen on in- depth research on customer needs and ways to fulfil them. Based on innovative thinking, we now have an R&D group of over 100 people. All these are essential for us to stay ahead. We want accessibility and simplicity for users, and satisfaction for the high standards of our engineers. From the first DRAG with the fastest firing speed, to its newest generation we are now launching, supreme user experience and simplicity in operation are our highest priorities. “Committing ourselves to improving health for a better future is the foundation of VOOPOO’s work” You describe your product range as “covering from entry-level to enthusiast level” – How does VOOPOO manage to balance the needs of so many consumers in its products? As I mentioned, our company is driven by the insight into users. With our comprehensive research and evaluation of vapourisers based on comprehensive data analysis (rather than giant leaps) VOOPOO is following the strategy of “best or nothing”.