Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 116

Having analysed thousands of samples from around the world we have seen that 1 in 4 TPD compliant products currently on the market are potentially breaching the General Products Safety Regulation. Let us help you check yours. GPSR Matters Meeting the TPD does not mean that your e-liquid is safe, it is simply a way to register the product and meet the requirements for the banned substances. In-fact within the TPD itself manufacturers are required to also perform a risk assessment in accordance with GPSR 2005 to ensure you also comply with the GPSR. The GPSR 2005 is now high on the priority list for both Trading Standards and the MHRA so you need to act now! How we can help EL-Science have invested around £2M into understanding the safety of eliquid over the last 5 years and have produced a robust set of Health Criteria Values (HCV) for many of the chemical components found within e-liquids. We all know about Diacetyl but there are many more chemicals which may have a harmful effect if not controlled. In fact, EL-Science have identified and characterised over 180 chemicals with HCVs out of over 600 chemicals researched and the list is growing. These chemicals are common flavourings which are often safe by ingestion but have significant toxicological impact when inhaled. This doesn’t mean you should not have them in your e-liquid, however, the amounts must be controlled. Product Pricing Analysis of shortfill product for the TPD banned substances £150 Product Risk Assessment (PRA) £250 Full PRA service (HCV Composition and Product Risk Assessment) £450 Full TPD Analysis and Submission £995 Our Services EL-Science offers a completely independent service to help you meet the GPSR 2005 regulations for both shortfill and submitted TPD products. This process isn’t expensive, especially if you already have your chemical composition. If you don’t we have in-house analytical laboratories so we can assist with that too. 116 | VM19