Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 111

“ “ “The massive rise in popularity of vaping around 2014 to 2016 spurred on the movement of not just lots of products, but more importantly what can be classed as ‘disposable’ products. Is this current trend sustainable?” Everyone reading this, whether you are a store owner, a reviewer, an industry analyst, or even a vaper visiting your local vape shop, you will probably nod your head in agreement with the next statement. There is a lot of product being released on to the market. It started around 2015 when there was a definitive shift in the e-cigarette products being released and then reached the current levels around the beginning of 2017. The market and manufacturer shift from a new product or kit every two or three months, to a new product every few weeks, and in some cases, what seems like every week. It was the case that before the rise of the stock coil sub-ohm tank, which started with the Aspire Atlantis, a new stock coiler would be on the store shelves for at least four to five months before another replacement came around. The classic example was the Aspire Nau [\[H[[[HوPX\[ˈ[HX[BX\]^Y [[ۙ]]H\وHܚY[[\[ۂوH]YHXK[] ]H]ZX\ \ܙHX[Y\]Y]\[][\\H\BYZ[XY\H][\H\[Y\ݙ\][\BYZ[[X\[][\HX[H\Hܝ[YH[K]Z\\]\^HH܈XZ[XK[[[]œ[X\YHYZ[H\HXY[\\XH[HۜY\YHH[YHH^\YHو\\[Y\] [[ۜY\Y]]YHH[YHH]YX\\\ۈ\˂HX\]H\H[[\]Hو\[\[ M M\YۈH[ݙ[Y[و\وX][ܙB[\ܝ[H][H\Y\8&\Xx&HXˈB[\[XHوH]\H^\HH\\]HX[B]\YYۚYX[H[HYX\YH[]YH[XZ[YX[ \^H[\B\\\[[\Z[XO‘܈]\ˈ]\\H\HY؛[HۈHܚ^ۂ]H\[[و[X\\ˈ\و[\HX\]][[\[Y]H\[[[[ݙHۈ\[š]K܈H[\ [XYHۙHˈ\K\H\H[[›وZ[[ۜو[\\[H[][[ZH\\[]]X\]H\]H[\HXZ]Y[ M\\[[HYX[\[X[H]\[H]\[[]KH^؛[H\[ۈ8&˸&H\H˜۝XYHX]H]Y]H]HۙH܈]\x&[HX]œ]Y]H]X]HY[[[YH[[\Z[\\]H\YH^H\H\[H][\ۙHو^Z[˜\[[Z\]^HYY[ٙ]ZX[ܙ\]H]\][\[H؛[H\H8'8'HH\H[[˜X]\H[\\[[]\H\[Z]܈] \[۝ HX\]\KX\Hو\\][[H]Y[\XHوH\H \[ܛ[]]\HX\H][^H\Yˈ]\]\YX[]\H\H[]X\˜Z[[]^H][\HHܙH[]\[[HX\]\[][\[X[BH[YHYۘ][ۏ•]\HY]Y\[ۋH\[][وXH\H\Z[XK]\\H[YHH[YKXH][H^ L[۝[H\YۜوHX[H[[X\]Yۘ][ۈو]\\[][\[\\^Z[]]][H\\X\HY\]Y\[ۈ\[HX[YX\\[\[\X[\B]\\[\[[ۈZ\X[ۈو]›[[]Z\\܋[H[\H\[H\]8&\\[[HYX[ ۜ[H^[[]\[BX][][H][ۛH[]HYH\O•[YH[[ ܈ NK\XX[HHY^HX\ۈH[][[HT[[\X\]\[HHYYۋB[\H\ۈHܙ\و]]H]\ܛYY[ MB[ Mۙ[]]HY\]ܙ\\] NB\[˂LNH LL