Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 11

IQOS Mesh VAPE UNVEILED P R E C I S I O N VA P I N G . A new closed pod vaping device which replaces traditional coils with a mesh-based heating system is now on sale in the UK. The IQOS MESH uses a German-made metal TO mesh heater which manufacturers FIND OUT MORE VISIT UK.IQOS.COM Philip Morris International (PMI) say offers a more consistent vape experience. It uses interchangeable VEEV capsules, available in seven different tobacco and fruit flavours and has a low liquid detection system to prevent dry hits. Its single block aluminium construction makes it light and durable and a 90-minute battery charge should allow a full day’s vaping. The IQOS MESH starter kit has a £19.99 RRP with capsules costing £2.99 for a pack of two. The Italian Job THIS PRODUCT IS NOT RISK-FREE AND IS ADDICTIVE. FOR ADULT USE ONLY. Vaporound A4 Ad - IQOS MESH-F.indd 1 US: FDA warning letters work a treat The US Food and Drug Administration says a selection of US-based vape companies have stopped selling products which resemble candies, juice boxes and snacks. The news follows the public health authority’s aims to clamp down on e-liquids that could appeal to minors because of their names, flavour descriptions and packaging. In May, the FDA and Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sent out a series of letters to 17 companies, and all of those affected have ceased selling XXˈH[Z\[ۙ\YXQZY8'HH[۝[YBZHYܛ\X[ۜ[\\[]ؘX][[ۈ[\X[]X\[Z][]\X[ [YXBX^\H[]H[ؘXœX[ [\X[\KXY\]\˸'B  ̌ N][x&\\]H[YHZ[\\\Y\YHYY]\[X[[x&\\H][HX][K[[[\Y]]YXY^[KX][[[HZY]B][X[\HX܈[HYܛYY]YX]Y\HY\][ۋHZY 8'\œݚ\[ۈ\[ZH[][]^K]HX\]\[HX\[\Y[[\\Y ][\[\\H[][]K]\[ܙYXH]HX[\YH\]\Y[Z[[X[ \[Y\\H[[H[[[[X[Y[\[˂H[\[[\HH[X[Hق\[وܚ\[H\[X܂[XNZ[X܈H\X]Xܘ]X˜X\[\[ܝHوH][\Y[K'BMBQB[XH[KXY\]\‘Y\[X[Z[\HٙXX[[[XH]B[]X]Y[[H[K[\ܝ][ۋ[[ۈ[\HوKXY\]\[B][ۋ]Y\]\ˈXܙ[B[X[ݙ\Y[ [[[[ܙH[L [H[H[H]\HYX\]ٙXX[ZY]KXY\]\[X] B P\ H]X\]\H[Y]Y ^Z[^H\K8'HܙX]X[\HXX]\K\XX[H˜[[Y\[Yۘ[Y[[Y[و\X]HYK'HYXBܛ\H\X][ۈو\\[XH UJB[Y[YۈH[^Z[8'HY\ܞB]\H]]ۈ[[YYX][K8'H][˜Y[\[[ܜ[Y[و\[[X\ZHHR˂\X[YO”\\ۙ\\HHٙ\YYB\H]\\وݙ\Y[[][[]\Z[\ˈۂݙ[X\ H\\ۈ\XB[\X]H\\]YHو[[[X\H NK\]H[H[]X[̌ [ H[Y]\]\[˜[YX]HY]و\][ۈ[YXB[Hۙ\K[\\ۂZY 8'[X[X\XXH\[™]X\ H\[[\[H\š[\ۙ\XZY\ \X]YX]˸'B\ۙ\[[HYX]Yۈ[\HYX[ۈ[ۜ[B[HؘXYYH[\ۛY[ [][X[YH\[]\[˜[]\HYHوH\\]\YB[[[]Y[]ۚX؜X]B[[ۘ\H\X\H  K[وH ]Y[][X]YYZ]\YۚYX[HYXYZ\ؘXš[ZH]KXY\]\܈Y]Y\][KH\[[YؘX˜]Y\KHKXY\]H\\^\Y[YHLB\[YX[ۈ[Z[HY\]H\BY\HYX\YXY\\]ܞH[X[ۜ˜[\[\\[\ݙY[\[X[[H[\H]Hو\ZY\[ X[\\YXYZ\Z[HY\]B[ZHH]X\ H\[[^\Y[Y[\ݙY\\]ܞHX[[]X[]HقYK܈\HܚY\[[ܙH\\[ ˝Z؛•LNH L