Vapouround magazine VAPOUROUND MAGAZINE OCTOBER ISSUE19 - Page 103

PROFESSOR DAVID THICKETT SARAH JAKES “It’s incomparable. For me, the improvement in my health was almost immediate and quite marked. I have had a look at this study that’s being spoken about today and I certainly haven’t seen any of the effects that are being predicted. The important thing with this is that vaping is very, very much safer than smoking cigarettes but no one’s saying that it’s 100 percent safe. If you look at the Public Health England report, the RCP report, they estimate that it’s about 95 percent safer (or more) than smoking cigarettes. This study didn’t compare the effects with cigarette smoke, so it brings nothing to the table in that debate. And what it tells us is that vaping may not be as safe as breathing fresh air which, to be frank, really isn’t news. If you’re a smoker, or if you’re tempted to start, this study doesn’t change anything about the fact that vaping is significantly safer than smoking.” Lead researcher David Thickett countered by mentioning that this is a bodily reaction we haven’t seen before which could spell the beginning of long-term damage, and that vaporised nicotine appears to cause more harm than in conventional cigarettes. However, the professor agreed that it is better to vape than smoke. “In our study, we looked, for the first time at the effect of vaped liquid condensates on human alveolar macrophages, which are the lung’s defence system against all the nasty things than you breathe in and they fight off infection. They are very much involved in the pathogenesis (development) of chronic inflammatory lung diseases such as COPD [Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease]. Effectively, a very dilute level of vape liquid condensate can cause cell death. It promotes inflammation at sub-lethal doses where it releases chemokines and cytokines and proteases which actually damage the lung substance itself, reducing the ability of the macrophages to ingest bacteria and fight off infection. It effectively reproduces what happens to macrophages in people who have got COPD and that’s after only 24 hours incubation of e-cigarette liquid. Whilst we accept that e-cigarettes are safer than normal cigarettes, particularly in terms of cancer risk because there are no carcinogens in them, the nicotine in the fluid wa \H[\ܝ[[[\][\H[\[HXXܛY\ˈ[\YܙKY[HۚX[B[[HX[Hݙ\[܈[HYX\H۸&]X\\[H[Y]B]]H[HH\H^Z[\ L \[YK]8&\\]Y]]8&\Y\\KHX\]Y[H[][ۂHY\]\KXY\]\[[[[Y\H]›[۝]8&\H\H[YXX[[ˈ]Hو[B]H]Y[\H۝[Z[\KH[[HYY˜H]\H][X[K[[܈[HYX\&H[YH][]\H[HYHXK'BLNH L