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FEATURE C IL Porn FEATURING GUEST COIL SPECIALIST JAMES MOWL AKA @TAXIJIM71 THE FLAT WIRE Go online and search for vaping and coil builds and you’ll be hit with a mass of intricate, colourful and complex builds. From aliens to staggered fused claptons, enigmas to pitchforks, they all have at least one thing in common: surface area. But what if you don’t have the time to devote to this side of vaping? What if your pleasure is mixing juices, or maybe building mods rather than coils? Maybe you’re just someone who’s trying to quit smoking and wants that little bit extra from your vape. How do you achieve more surface area with the minimum of effort? The answer could be flattened wire. Flattened wire came about from coil builders trying new things to improve flavour and cloud production, taking a low gauge round wire and attacking it with a jeweller’s hammer and anvil to get the desired effect. Since then, we’ve added pasta rollers and even small jewellery presses to our tool boxes to get better, cleaner and more regular finishes. Sanding has also been used to get a flat surface from a round wire, leading to another subset of builds: mirror polished coils. It wasn’t long before wire companies saw the potential for flattened wire and knowing that not everyone had the gear necessary to make it, they decided to create their own versions, offering various gauges and alloys, to allow any person at any build level to try out something they might not have attempted otherwise. Notable companies are Juice Junkie UK, who offer a wide selection of Pro-Flat wire in various gauges and alloys, spooled 88 | THE VAPER EXPO and packaged ready to go. There’s also Flatwire UK, who have the flapton amongst their products: a pre-built clapton with a flattened wire core. Whichever product you choose, the option to go wide is available to all. So, you’ve now bought a pre-flattened wire. What are you going to do with it? You could just wrap it and vape it as-is. After all, this was what it was initially intended for. You will need to keep in mind that this wire is thicker than your usual run-of-the-mill round wire and accordingly, resistances will come out lower than might be expected. Therefore, the number of wraps and internal diameters need to be adjusted to allow for this. If you’re more adventurous with your coil builds, you could use the flattened wire as cores to braid over, maybe clapton. You can twist, corrugate, and my personal favourite, mirror polish, using high-grit abrasive papers (an ultrasonic cleaner is strongly advised for the latter). Whatever you choose to do with your flattened wire, an increase in surface area with less wire used is guaranteed, with some vapers preferring this option to the standard round wire for increased vapour and flavour production. As with all wires and builds, the experience is subjective to each individual and the only real point to watch out for is the drop in resistance. A firm grasp of Ohm’s Law is advised before building with this wire.