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who’s who in the build area the very best in the business are on hand By Jane Mulligan of Team Shytots i have curated an expert team of builders from all over the world. whether you want advice on how to build or you would like someone to do the job for you, there’is no better place than the build area team. look out for special guests spotlighting and hot-desking throughout the weekend @craftycoils @nastycoils Steve Massingham is a founding member of @buildfaction and frequent Vapouround contributor who has been expo build team leader from day one. An exuberant character and all-round builder with the biggest build rig I’ve ever seen. @mind_forge Uwe Papenfus is Germany’s finest and one of the biggest builders if not the biggest currently with over 21k followers on Instagram. Uwe is a member of the worldwide elite build group @build_mode and is the originator of the German stitched enigma coil. A founding member of Team Shytots, his build and photography skills are second to none. @art_of_senol (formerly @teddydampf) A braid specialist but with many other build types to his repertoire. A member of the build teams @building.brotherz and Team Shytots @thehoopswxxker @scott_builds Member of @building.brotherz and Team Shytots , Scotland’s Build Area eye candy and great builder. @n.ball84 A @build_mode member joining us for the first time this October. @gi.jane26 Shytots creator, stalker of builders and Build Area organiser. Look out for special guests spotlighting and hot-desking throughout the weekend. You never know who you might see from the worldwide build community. A member of @team_rig_uk, a Build Area regular from the beginning. An all-round good guy. THE VAPER EXPO | 85