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“We’re finding ourselves selling a lot of products to vape shops” – CBD Ultra for Carl. But while most CBD e-liquids consist of CBD isolate, PG and VG and artificial flavours, CBD Ultra’s liquids are comprised of full-spectrum CBD oil and plant-based terpenes. These are not flavours per se; rather they are natural terpene profiles that produce different odours and effects. The combination of CBD and terpenes creates what is known as the ‘encourage effect.’ “Rather than giving people 200 milligrams to vape all day, ours is more like a medical delivery system,” Carl said. “You don’t need more than three or four goes on a simple pen device with a basic ceramic coil a few times a day.” CBD Ultra hit the headlines earlier this year when they released their ‘High Flier’ CBD-infused beer. They’ll be bringing the beer to the expo along with balms, tinctures and a blend of organic hemp teas. “A lot of the vape shops now, they’re in a bit of a price war of driving the price of the product down,” Carl said. “When I was vaping a while back you’d pay a lot of money for the premium e-liquid. Now it’s five for a tenner or whatever. Shops are finding other revenue streams which seems to be CBD at the moment. It makes a lot of sense because vape bottles and stuff aren’t very big so shops have a lot of room for a CBD cabinet. We’re finding ourselves selling a lot of products to vape shops.” While CBD has diversified the expo, new regulations soon to come into effect could impact the industry as much as the introduction of the TPD. The Cannabis Products Directive (CPD) will force companies to register their products with the Cannabis Trades Association (CTA) and the MHRA. All products will also need to be tested. Carl has been instrumental in the development of the CPD since the MHRA agreed to work alongside the CTA to formally regulate the industry. He said: “We see ourselves as an authority in the industry. We toe the line and don’t make any medical claims that everyone else seems to at a detriment to our business.” How the expo will look post-CPD remains to be seen. But for now, the Vaper Expo presents a high-profile platform for those in the industry to build new connections and get their products into the hands of an increasingly eager public. THE VAPER EXPO | 71