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VAPER EXPO CBD at the Vaper Expo This show, like the industry, has embraced all kinds of CBD products The presence of CBD at this show in May was impossible to ignore. What was a minor talking point six months earlier became a major attraction, the growth of this potentially life-changing cannabinoid was clear for all to see. Things have stepped up another gear since then. Unhindered by the negative press that has tainted vaping in some countries, CBD has become the wellness topic de jour. And it’s not just health bloggers talking about it. The mainstream media can’t seem to get enough. CBD has become a new frontier for both manufacturers of vaping products and the shops in which they are sold. Increasingly, vape shops are selling products like edibles and tinctures alongside CBD e-liquids. This will be the third Vaper Expo for Aztec CBD. Prior to spotting a gap in the market and entering the vaping industry in 2016, Aztec sold CBD oil via their online store. “A recent study showed that demand for CBD has grown by 300 percent in the last year,” Director Sam Kahn said. “But there’s confusion over different product strengths and types. A lot of 70 | THE VAPER EXPO companies sell isolate which is not as effective as full-spectrum.” While CBD has been welcomed into the Vaper Expo fold, it has taken a while for vapers to understand exactly what it is they should be seeking. It’s about more than just flavour, so vapers may initially be put off the slightly earthy taste. The success of Aztec and other CBD e-liquids relies heavily on the quality of the product. “Vapers are loyal to products and companies that they trust. We win them over by providing a premium product. We like to think of ourselves as the Ferrari of the industry. We’re not cheap but our products are very high-quality.” Aztec’s range has expanded beyond e-liquid and the company will be bringing their new full-spectrum hard candy to the expo. They are not the only company who’ll be promoting non-vape-related CBD products at Vaper Expo UK. CBD Ultra’s Carl Boon made his first foray into the CBD market when he began extracting CBD oil from hemp to create products for friends and family. Word soon spread, and the positive feedback convinced him that he should commit himself to CBD in the long term. Having vaped in the past, CBD e-liquids were a logical avenue