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“If we manage to pull this one off, it will blow any of our others out of the water!” HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE THE FRONT LINE ELEMENT TO BE SET UP? WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE FRONT LINE STAND SO FAR? There will be five guys on site from as early as possible on the Wednesday morning leading up to the weekend and they will be working flat out to have it ready by mid-afternoon on the Thursday so that we can test it and be ready for the opening day. If we manage to pull this one off, it will blow any of our others out of the water. VAPERS AND VAPE SHOPS WANT WHAT'S NEW RIGHT NOW. WE ALL KNOW HOW FLOODED THIS MARKET CAN GET AND HAS BEEN GETTING, PARTICULARLY WITH E-LIQUIDS. DO YOU EVER FEEL PRESSURE TO KEEP UP WITH THE TIMES, THE MARKET AND DEMAND? We totally agree. Everything in the vape industry moves so fast. You constantly have to be thinking six months ahead and how to stay current and relevant to today’s market. THE QUICK FIRE ROUND DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE FLAVOUR? Black Ops Blackcurrant DO YOU HAVE A FAVOURITE MOMENT OF EVERY EXPO? It is such a great feeling once the scare maze is up and ready to go. WHAT ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO ABOUT THIS BIG WEEKEND? Letting the public get their hands on our new flavours as we feel that we have created something really special. BE HONEST: WHO OUT OF EVERYONE ON YOUR TEAM GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND IN PREPARING FOR THE EXPO? I think we would all say Lee. His mind never stops. He always comes up with the craziest of ideas and then it is a matter of us all trying to execute them. AND FINALLY, WHAT FOR YOU WAS THE MOST STAND OUT MOMENT FROM MAY’S SHOW? I would have to say seeing people’s reactions one last time when they exited our scare maze. We really wanted to leave a lasting impression and the maze certainly achieved that. THE VAPER EXPO | 67