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Amazing stands Companies go above-and-beyond to make their stands as memorable as possible. Some even include challenges for you to overcome (nothing too scary, we promise!) These will stick with you long after the expo is over. Some of the smaller stands are pretty special too. You’ll be amazed by the creativity on display. A lot of work goes into making them stand out from the crowd and capture what each brand is about. LET’S TALK ABOUT VAPING Many of us are emotionally or financially invested in vaping. Vaper Expo UK provides a platform for discussing the issues and challenges facing the industry and vapers alike. There are also talks from industry advocates and representatives from trade bodies. By staying informed you can support the industry that has helped change millions of lives over the past decade. If you’ve come for B2B day, this is the perfect opportunity to develop new business relationships. We hope you stocked up on business cards. NETWORK In this interconnected age, many of us forge new relationships on social media and online forums. At Vaper Expo UK you can meet your online friends or business contacts in the flesh. Many of the scene’s biggest YouTubers will be vlogging from the expo and meeting their fans too. They’re all very approachable and enthusiastic, as are the Vapouround team, so make sure you come and see us aboard the Vapouround Bus. RECHARGE You will do a lot of walking throughout the weekend and will burn through many calories in the process. Thankfully, the on-site food options cater to all tastes and budgets and the bar area provides perfect respite for you to recharge before heading back onto the floor. STOCK UP It goes without saying that you’ll be doing a lot of vaping over the weekend. Hopefully you’ll be well-stocked with liquids, coils and cotton. But if not, you can easily restock your supplies. Plus, the team in the Build Area are on-hand to do your building for you and will also be selling their own expertly-crafted coils. Vaper Expo is more than a shopping experience. There will be plenty of opportunities to get involved with the action, be it through playing games, entering competitions or just joining the crowds at the stage for the many giveaways going on across the weekend. Everyone behind the Vaper Expo wants you to have as much fun and success as possible, which is why thousands of vapers come back again and again. THE VAPER EXPO | 63