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VAPER EXPO THE FINAL COUNTD WN After spending up to three days immersed in all things vaping, most people who attended May’s Vaper Expo were no doubt looking forward to getting home, enjoying the last of the bank holiday sunshine and winding down before returning to the real world the following day. But for Vaper Expo team, the end of the show meant it was time to start putting the wheels in motion for this weekend’s show. It all takes many months of planning from hundreds of companies and individuals to get everything ready for the big build and it all comes to a head just two crazy days before the doors open for B2B day. While all the logistics companies involved are hand-picked and at the top of their game – many of them experienced in putting the Vaper Expo together — it takes a strong mind to organise and oversee the build to ensure that everyone involved understands how their role fits in with the broader picture. A strict timetable ensures that everything is in its place and completed on time. That isn’t to say that there aren’t the occasional problems and panicked phone calls along the way. But so far, the guys have managed to deliver on-time at every expo they’ve done. 58 | THE VAPER EXPO Each Vaper Expo physically comes together just 48 hours before the doors open Exhibitors themselves, be they familiar faces or novices taking on Vaper Expo for the first time, will also be stretched to their limit in making sure that their stand is the best it can be. They will, of course, know what the finished product should look like, but they’ll be far less familiar with the stands and attractions around them. You can only do so much planning beforehand. It’s only when you get there and the expo comes together around you that you find out where you fit in the broader layout of the event. If you attended May’s expo, you will no doubt have seen the lengths some exhibitors go to in order to draw punters to their stand. Front Line, recipients of the Best Stand award last October, had a fully-immersive military facility to put together. It’s something of a baptism of fire for the late additions but it’s amazing how much you can get done with an impending deadline hanging over you. If you arrive on B2B day (Friday) expecting to see lots of panicked teams rushing to get everything done, you’ll be in for a surprise. Some exhibitors will be making a few cosmetic tweaks to make their stands as attractive and enticing as possible, but the logistical side of things will be all but sewn up without pandemonium. It’s testament to the work ethic and community spirit of the vaping industry. No wonder thousands of people travel from all over the UK and beyond to be a part of it. So after you’ve stepped through the doors and approach this playground for adults, allow yourself a few moments to take it all in and remember you were here. And when you eventually check out however many days later, spare a thought for the Vaper Expo team because the end of one show marks the beginning of the next.