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FEATURE DIARY OF A VAPER Featuring ‘UK Vapour Shaper’ Daniel Hall “I felt like the black sheep of the family” I started smoking during the summer holiday before starting secondary school. It was a peer-pressure thing. I thought the kids at school would smoke and I wanted to fit in. But then I got there and I was the only one. I felt like the black sheep of the family. Eventually my mum took me to the doctor and I tried quitting with nicotine patches and gum. This was all before I was 16. I tried again as an adult, this time using Champix. But the tablets did nothing and I ended [up] back on the cigs after three months. Eventually, I bought a vape starter kit with cola cube e-liquid from a garage and after 21 years of smoking I finally ditched cigarettes for good. Unfortunately, the kits didn’t last very long so I had to keep replacing them. In the end, I decided to just bite the bullet and invest in a proper device. After a while, I found myself getting more and more into vaping. I introduced some vaping mates from different social groups to one another and they got on so well that I thought, ‘why not turn this into a team?’ And so, in 2015, the Vaper Buzz Crew (VBC) was born. Since then, the team has gone from strength to strength. Sadly, Ohm Ranger had to move on but the team has continued to grow. Jon @coilbuilderj_V.B.C has come a long way since the beginning. There are now seven of us in the team. As well as the social media stuff we meet up at events and expos. We got on stage at Vaper Expo UK and gave out VBC t-shirts and hats. I love getting to know people and helping them out, even those who aren’t directly part of the group. It’s like an extended family, really. After a lot of hard work, I’ve finally opened my own Vaper Buzz Vape Shop in Hull. It’s a solo venture but I got a lot of help from Daniel Badcock, owner of Mr Vape in Hornsea, so a massive shout out to him. Be sure to check out @uk_vapour_shaper_v.b.c and @VaperBuzzCrew on Instagram. 52 | THE VAPER EXPO