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STAND D440 “I SAW THAT WE COULD HELP A LOT OF PEOPLE ALL AROUND THE WORLD STOP SMOKING, AND AT THE SAME TIME HAVE A VERY SUCCESSFUL LONG-TERM BUSINESS.” by coming up with good ideas for flavours. This has helped us develop a brand that is known in the UK, Europe and all around the world.” Ahsan and his team will, of course, be welcoming vapers on the floor at Vaper Expo, over at stand D440, where visitors will be able to sample their growing range of e-liquids at IVG’s vape bar. Ahsan hints that there may be something new in store too, but at the time of this interview he was playing his cards very close to his chest. While appealing to vapers themselves is the most important goal, Ahsan has worked tirelessly to build relationships with businesses around the world. As well as working alongside smaller up-and-comers, IVG does business with some of the biggest retailers and distributors in the world. Ahsan learns from their experience and uses this knowledge to grow his business. All this hard work is paying off. To date, IVG has won awards in three continents and has become the very first international brand to win an award in Canada, at CVE in Toronto in June this year. With 2019 already set to be another expo-filled year, IVG’s trophy cabinet may soon run out of space. Although it is gratifying to reflect on past successes, Ahsan is determined to work hard on further establishing his now 110-strong team (as a group) and expanding his business. This means forging new friendships and business relationships that will help grow the IVG family. As for other business opportunities, they can wait for now. “I still have other interests, but I have dedicated myself to this business full time for the next couple of years. I want to expand the business into more countries and make sure we maintain and grow the love we get from vapers from all around the world.” THE VAPER EXPO | 43