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FEATURE AHSAN BAWA CEO OF IVG PREMIUM E-LIQUIDS With barely a month to go before Vaper Expo, it’s all-hands- on-deck across the vaping industry as businesses prepare the stands that will represent their companies at the NEC. But for many businesses, the weeks and months leading up to the event are packed with travel to and from other events and meetings all over the world. The vaping industry never sleeps. No one knows this better than IVG CEO, Ahsan Bawa. Ahsan’s journey from smoker to owner of one of Britain’s most prominent e-liquid companies reads like many others. But it’s the speed with which the evolution took place that makes him stand out from the pack. Unlike many of us who made previous attempts to quit smoking cold-turkey or with nicotine patches or gum, Ahsan went straight to vaping and never looked back. “I used to smoke cigarettes but managed to quit thanks to vaping,” he said. “I went into a vape shop with a friend and bought some products. And slowly, slowly I managed to give up smoking.” Soon afterwards, in 2016, Ahsan began laying the foundations of what was to become IVG. He was an entrepreneur as a CEO for a law firm at the time and the company was initially just an investment opportunity. But after seeing the huge potential for the business, he decided to dedicate himself to it 42 | THE VAPER EXPO full-time, which he continues to do two years later. “I saw that we could help a lot of people all around the world stop smoking, and at the same time have a very successful long-term business.” If you’ve been to the Vaper Expo before (or indeed one of countless other expos around the world), you will almost certainly have met Ahsan, who proudly attends around 90 percent of the shows the company goes to. Like the rest of the team, he loves to meet vapers from all corners of the globe who enjoy the juices that he’s helped create. “I met someone at an expo recently who had travelled almost 200 miles just to meet us. It gives me a great feeling,” he said. “I also met someone in Stuttgart who told me, ‘I love IVG and gave up smoking because of your liquids’. It’s so satisfying to know that we are heading towards achieving our goal.” IVG is perhaps best known for the sweet flavours such as the multi-award-winning Bubblegum flavour and the new Lollipop line that evokes those sweet treats of childhood. However, the range now caters to pretty much all tastes, offering everything from fruits and desserts to tobacco and menthol. It’s all in the name of achieving the most important goal: helping smokers switch to a less-harmful alternative. “From the very start I realised that I could help a lot of people