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LUKE CAULFIELD “It was a lot better than I was expecting. The stands here have some really helpful people, giving out useful information. I’d recommend it to everyone, friends and family. I didn’t try CBD until I came here. I was a bit sceptical but I’ve really enjoyed it.” HARRY, SOLIHULL “It’s good, a lot bigger than I was expecting. I’ve tried so many liquids that I’ve almost lost track! And then there’s the giveaways at the stage. We managed to get a few liquids that were thrown into the crowd which was nice. We’ll definitely be coming back again.” DANIEL MINCE, WHITEHAVEN “This was my first expo. It was really good, I didn’t think there’d be this many stalls. It’s mental, just total overload as soon as you get here. I come here for a bit of everything, but mainly juices. But then when I arrived I saw all the mods and figured I might buy a couple while I was here. I’m a bit of a hoarder, really. As soon as I see one it’s like ‘Oh, I’m having that!’ and it’s on to the next one. The centre stage with the giveaways was great as well. You can hear them from the other side of the room and then everyone flocks to the stage.” You’re spoiled for choice here! GRAHAM, WILLENHALL “This is my second expo, my first was May last year. It’s a lot bigger this time. A shame that some of my favourite vendors weren’t here this time but it’s still been a great experience as always. I come here for everything. Not so much hardware as I’ve got more than enough mods. But liquids – you’re spoiled for choice here!” TONY IRVING, KENT “I came down from Maidstone in Kent with my nephew. We first came last October. It’s different; there are more people around to help and offer support. The Naked Fish liquids stood out both times I’ve been here. Don’t let the name put you off!” CARL TALBOT “I’ve been a vaper for eight or nine years and I’ve completely kicked my smoking habit. I started off on the original Cigalikes. I’ve really enjoyed my time at the expo, everyone’s inviting and friendly and informative about the liquids. I’ve enjoyed trying the Strawberry Chocolate juice from Vape Duty Free.” STEVE BATTY “I was surprised at how big it was, great layout and fantastic freebies. I easily got £100 of juice and what not free. Also picked up 460ml of juice for £35.00 including nic shots. Good food and lots of different hardware places plus juice places.” SCOTT ANTHONY PARKINSON 460ML OF JUICE FOR £35.00 “Our first expo and what can I say? I left with more than I came with ... I left with more than I bought ... The throw-outs and stage were amazing, the vendors were helpful to a tee and the big name brands had some amazing mods and juices on display. We will be back in October!” THE VAPER EXPO | 39