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VAPER EXPO What YOU thought of the May show We asked for your thoughts from the last Vaper Expo, and as always show-goers, you didn’t disappoint. Some of you offered feedback at the show, and others left feedback on the Facebook page. Either way, thanks for sharing. BILAL SHEIKH “There’s an interesting variety of people here; it’s easy to see that vaping appeals to everyone. It’s also good to see what’s coming up in the market and what’s new. It’s been a really useful experience as a vaper, and picking my favourite thing is tough.” It’s nice to have everything in one place AMY WILSON “I was just here for Sunday but I’ve enjoyed every moment. I’ve managed to get my hands on juices I had no idea were on the market. It’s nice to have everything in one place so I can try different things. I enjoyed Nasty Juice’s stall and Souljar’s liquids. I’ll definitely be back in October!” CHARLOTTE PRESTON “This has been my first expo. I wasn’t prepared for the level of variety I’d find here. You’re overwhelmed when you come in. I spent the longest time (and the most money) at Wick Liquor’s stand but I’ve been trying everything all day – all the juices and mods you could want.” ADAM WEBSTER OF WEBBY VAPES “I’ve been to every single expo since it started, and it just gets better and better every year. It’s a lot easier to get around. Out of everything I’ve enjoyed being able to actually meet and talk to vendors the most.” PATRICK SLATER “I’m giving it five stars out of five. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself and I’m hoping to come back in October. It’s not just the variety of products and freebies, but the knowledge you get here as a vaper.” JULES CARBON PORTER “My hubby and I really enjoyed May’s expo, it was easy to get about with plenty of room.” CHLOE LOUISE PUGH “First time attending one of these and I enjoyed myself. Lots to choose from & loved the idea of being able to test liquids out before buying them. Will definitely be attending more in the future.” 38 | THE VAPER EXPO