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the UK. But none are prouder of their roots than Celtic Vapours. With a domestic market flooded with e-liquid, an international stage evolving with new trends and the constant demand from vape shops, it has to be hard to keep up with it all. Joe says, “We are proud to be a family run business, and with the constant growth of the e-liquid market, it enables us to be a source of employment to many in our community.” The e-liquid manufacturer’s headquarters remain in Swansea and the team at Celtic Vapours prides itself on manufacturing e-liquids that have undergone a rigorous battery of chemical tests, ensuring that they contain only the best possible highest grade of ingredients, and pose the absolute minimum risk to customers. With almost 60 flavours to their name, they must be doing something right. As with many e-liquid-based companies, there’s no limit on the possibilities for expansion. Joe says, “We have 57 TPD compliant flavours. We have a massive range of 60mls and 120mls and nic shots. We also offer a white label, bottling and design services.” Having been in business for six years, having surfed the height of vaping in the UK, returning to the NEC for this ‘original’ company is something of a milestone – it marks another six months of success in this business. Celtic Vapours have been there, done that and bought the t-shirts. With such experience behind the company, Jim predicts the future of the UK vape industry to be fruitful. “We see the future of the industry being a very healthy one, for our company and as a whole. The industry is continuing to grow and with the potential of millions of smokers still yet to give up, there’s still a lot more work to be done.” “Our current goals are to continue expanding our business, pursuing new flavours to add to the TPD market as well as continually finding potential new partners to stock our e-liquid, not just in the UK but throughout Europe.” “We feel that this expo is one of the best in the market” THE VAPER EXPO | 31