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TRY BEFORE YOU BUY IVG’S NEW E-LIQUID TESTING BAR OFFERS A NEW TAKE ON A VAPE SHOP FAVOURITE By Staff Reporter IVG VAPE TEST STATION AT THE VAPER ROOMS, LIVERPOOL The ‘try before you buy’ concept is as old as commerce itself. Be it a plate of cheese on a supermarket deli counter, a changing room in a clothes shop or a department store employee ambushing customers with spray bottles of perfume, the tactic provides customers with a direct form of marketing that is far more honest than any other method. IVG’s new branded test station has already been installed in over 3,000 vape shops around the world. Unlike similar systems available elsewhere, they exclusively stock IVG e-liquids. It’s a smart move. While competitors’ e-liquids jostle for attention in the display cabinets and shelves below and behind the counter, IVG’s are front and centre by default. Test stations are something of a luxury for vape shops, often costing hundreds of pounds to buy and install. IVG’s version is supplied at no cost to retailers and require very little attention from shop staff. They also serve to make vape shops less intimidating to smokers and recent converts who are overwhelmed by the thousands of e-liquids on sale. Vape shops around the country often sell thousands of types of e-liquid. Yet other than some clever branding and a small amount of text, customers have very little to go on when choosing which flavour to buy. And with taste being so subjective, vapers can end up wasting time and money. “For vape shops it’s an incentive of a kind. They can gain more confidence in our products and happier customers, too. Vapers can try our flavours without spending any money so there’s no risk,” said Deepika Patel, IVG’s Head of Marketing. “Our customers are and always will be our priority hence, we want to make it easier for them to purchase our products with confidence.” IVG have become a permanent fixture at Vaper Expo. This time, vapers will get to try out their liquids using the new test stations and those working in the industry will get to see the machines in operation first-hand. It’s innovations like these that give bricks-and-mortar vape shops an advantage over online stores in this highly-competitive market. Now, one of the UK’s leading e-liquid manufacturers has created a device that allows customers to sample their liquids easily in-store, providing customers with a quick route from try to buy. 158 | THE VAPER EXPO “FOR VAPE SHOPS IT’S AN INCENTIVE OF A KIND. THEY CAN GAIN MORE CONFIDENCE IN OUR PRODUCTS AND HAPPIER CUSTOMERS, TOO.”