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Gummy Mix - VG/PG ratio: 40/60 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Gummy Mix is a straightforward candy vape from the CBD Queen Isolate range. The top note here is a sweet candy pineapple. It’s bright, but lacks the tartness found in the authentic fruit. This is supported by a medley of other candy fruit flavours. Due to their subtlety, it’s very difficult to properly separate them, but the end result is a fruit medley not unlike taking a handful of sweets and eating them all at once, including the sticky mouth-feel. The CBD isolate does impart some flavour here, though in this case I feel it augments the profile in a positive way. The botanical notes blend nicely with the bright pineapple, resulting in a unique fruit mix that newer vapers will likely enjoy. Queen’s Custard - VG/PG ratio: 40/60 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild Described as a blend of custard, brown sugar and cheesecake, Queen’s Custard is a luxurious profile from CBD Queen. The main custard note is rich, sweet and eggy – just about everything you’d expect from this well-loved dessert. This is enhanced by the dark sweetness of a brown sugar top note, which adds intrigue and imparts a subtle bitterness. The dairy notes of cheesecake are present but rather mild, which is understandable given the more prominent custard at play. The CBD isolate does add its own flavour to the profile but isn’t overpowering. I must note that in this context it will be an acquired taste, though, since the botanical notes from the isolate are more prominent than when mixed with heavy fruit profiles. Queen’s Custard is a unique and mellow CBD e-liquid. Super Lemon Haze - VG/PG ratio: 50/50 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Moderate Super Lemon Haze is from CBD Queen’s full spectrum range. Full spectrum CBD e-liquids incorporate a wider range of cannabinoids and naturally occurring terpenes than CBD isolate products. The result is an entirely natural and unique flavour profile. The top note here is a distinct natural lemon, from the Limonene compound which is found in the Super Lemon Haze plant. This potent lemon is supported by an array of musky, earthy notes. The result is a full-bodied and bold botanical profile that will not be for everyone. Those who are looking for a citrus-based full spectrum experience need look no further, and I enjoyed my time with Super Lemon Haze thoroughly. As is usually the case with full spectrum blends, Super Lemon Haze does carry a noticeable throat hit, so lower wattages are recommended for the best experience. Pink Lemonade - VG/PG ratio: 40/60 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild This is a simple lemon soda and raspberry blend from CBD Queen’s isolate range. Stripped back fruit profiles have traditionally gone together well with CBD, so is that the case here? The lemon top note is bright and sweet, but still brings a degree of authentic tang to the mix. There’s an almost fizzy connotation to this top note too, which is usually quite difficult to capture, so I’m glad this has been achieved here. The bold lemon is supported by a more reserved candy raspberry, which enhances the sweetness of the profile, while rounding out the citric edge of the bright top notes. This works nicely and doesn’t distract from the natural elements of the lemon whatsoever. The CBD isolate barely interacts with the flavour here, making Pink Lemonade a solid choice for vapers who do not wish to taste any botanicals. 152 | THE VAPER EXPO Lemon Heaven - VG/PG ratio: 40/60 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Billed as a blend of lemon curd, meringue and pastry, Lemon Heaven is a dessert CBD blend which takes aim at one of the UK’s most popular profiles. The lemon top note is very impressive. It’s certainly sweet, but carries the authentic tang of a well-made lemon curd and totally avoids artificial off notes or becoming overly sweet. A creamy layer of meringue does well to add body to the mouthfeel and round out sharper notes from the lemon zest. It’s playing second fiddle to the lemon here, but this works. The profile is finished with a healthy dose of biscuit base. This enhances the sweet qualities that are already present with a darker sweetness and also adds some texture to the mouth-feel. Flavour from the CBD isolate is less noticeable here, and this makes Lemon Heaven a great option for dessert fans looking for a CBD blend that tastes like a regular e-liquid. Grape Slushy - VG/PG ratio: 40/60 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild, with cooling CBD Queen describe Grape Slushy as a blend of sweet grape and mixed berries with a mint finish. Grape can be a divisive flavour, but CBD Queen have done a fantastic job in this case. It’s certainly a candied representation, but it avoids artificial off notes and instead comes across as a mellow Concord style grape. This is complemented by a mild mixed berry accent. It’s subtle, but still present on the palate and while I can’t claim to taste individual berry flavours, this dark fruit medley is a great pairing with the main grape body and keeps the profile from feeling one dimensional. The cooling finish lifts the mix and solidifies Grape Slushy as a light, summery profile, but I personally do not detect any mint flavour. This is a solid fruit CBD e-liquid. BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES