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REVIEWS George Clowney Chuck Nourrice Pig Doherty This is a very well-blended mixed fruit flavour, some sweet, some tart, some really sour, it’s got them all. Each individual flavour is quite easy to pick out as well, each of them given their small chance to shine throughout the inhale and exhale. The red fruits come first, then there’s lemon, apple and I can also taste some blackcurrant, it’s really chock full of fruit flavours. Definitely give this juice a go if you’re a fruit fiend, you won’t be disappointed. Now if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from trying BordO2’s juices over the years, if they describe a flavour, it’s going to taste exactly as they describe. So, when I saw the words ‘lemon cake’ I knew what to expect, and I was excited. The lemon concentrate here is absolutely delicious, a lot more sour and tangy than what I’m used to in e-liquids. A welcome change. And, my oh my, the cake is good as well, you can almost feel the soft sponge in your mouth, so much so that I wanted to chew. As we all know cake and lemon go together amazingly and this is a fantastic juice that demonstrates that effortlessly. This is a dessert flavour for those who like it a little less sweet. Something a little different here, as pear is given its time to shine in the spotlight. I really love the fruit and I don’t think you see enough of it in the vape world so it’s really nice to see BordO2 thinking outside the box with this juice. The pear concentrates used here are truly authentic tasting and they give a beautiful sweet with the slightly aromatic flavour you usually get from a ripe juicy pear straight from the tree. It may be simple but it’s very effective and very tasty. Jack Pot Apple Candy – This has to be one of the most apple-like juices I’ve ever tasted. It’s got the right balance of sweet and sour, fresh apples and candy apples. If you like apple, you’ll love this. If you don’t then don’t even bother trying it. Not much else I can say besides, apple. 150 | THE VAPER EXPO Les Deglingos – Happy Hour A passion fruit number here. The luxurious flavour of a mixed fruit cocktail, but the passion fruit is definitely the stand-out taste. It’s sweet and moreish and perfect in the warm weather. I definitely am recommending this to everyone as one of my favourite new fruit flavours on the market. If you can get your hands on some give it a try.