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Turn back time? Smoke-free by 2030 An Italian study has found that vaping could reverse some of the harms caused by smoking in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Half of the 44 patients evaluated had either significantly reduced their tobacco intake with e-cigarettes or had switched completely. The other half smoked tobacco but did not vape. The e-cigarette users experienced a 91 percent reduction in daily cigarette use after a year, reduced respiratory infections and other COPD symptoms, improved general health and a relapse rate of just eight percent. Dual users reduced their daily cigarette intake by at least 75 percent and experienced improved respiratory health and quality of life. Smoking will be ‘eradicated’ in 12 years according to health chiefs. Smoking remains the leading cause of preventable illness and premature death in the UK, but the bad habit is at its lowest ever levels. Britain currently has the second lowest smoking rate in Europe after Sweden, and health officials believe that if this trend continues, smoking could be a distant memory to public health by 2030. The Italian Job Italy’s Deputy Prime Minister has suggested the Mediterranean country’s vape laws could be about to change. In an interview with SigMagazine, Matteo Salvini said that the Italian vape sector will be reformed with dedicated vape legislation. He said, “This provision is not going to take anything away, but a market is going to be liberalised and standardised, giving businesses a boost and vitality. It is incredible that the health issue has never been taken into account, other countries are helping those who want to stop smoking and recommend vaping. I understand and share the annoyance of thousands of workers in the vaping sector in trouble: being stuck for a bureaucratic bickering is unworthy of a civilised country.” Five Years of Next Generation Nicotine The Next Generation Nicotine Delivery conference will return for its fifth instalment in London next month. With the e-cigarette trade as a cornerstone of nicotine delivery and a driver of innovation, the event has become an unmissable calendar date for industry figureheads and a platform for informed discussion of the most pressing issues. Attendees can expect a democratisation of NGND as an open forum, where crowd-sourced issues are given the spotlight and experts are free to deliberate. Programme Director David Jones said this year’s programme “has been designed based on the industry’s interests and concerns” and will feature topics such as “the market potential of nicotine salts and CBD containing e-liquids, updated market data, product standards for both e-liquids and devices, and competitive product innovation.” The conference will take place November 13 & 14. For more details see Arena- Fight Club YouTuber SirVapingALot will soon return to the ring to box for charity. This will be the second time SirVapingALot has put on the gloves for a good cause and while his opponent is yet to be revealed, the vape personality is feeling confident after winning last year’s bout. Following eight weeks of intense training, the fight night will take place at Brandshatch Place, Dartford, Kent on November 25. The fundraiser is in association with Ultra White Collar Boxing and it’s in aid of Cancer Research UK. To support SirVapingALot and CRUK’s efforts for a total knock out against cancer, see Stateside The US government is considering banning online sales of vaping products in a bid to curb underage use. FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb made the remarks during an Axios event in Washington, D.C. Current regulations prohibit smokers from buying tobacco products online. Gottlieb said that these may be updated to include tobacco-free e-cigarettes. “We have two problems, one is with appeal. They are too appealing to kids. And one is access, they’re too accessible to kids and we think the online portal is one of the reasons why they’re accessible.” The FDA recently referred to teenage vaping in the US as an ‘epidemic’, apparently on the back of yet-to-be published research showing a ‘disturbing and accelerating trajectory’ of underage use. Previous studies in this area have been criticised by experts for being misleading and not distinguishing between experimentation and daily use. THE VAPER EXPO | 15