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DIPSTICK VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweeteners: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Dipstick is described as a very sweet milk and raspberry lollipop. Instantly on the first hit of this sweet e-liquid you get a rush of milk flavour that envelops the mouth, followed by tones of sweet raspberry mixing together in the concoction. These two come together splendidly and remind me of hard-boiled raspberry ripple sweets. The raspberry really breaks the milk flavours up nicely and creates a very smooth vape, perfect for an all-day vape and even more ideal for those sweet tooth fanatics. This is one for anyone who likes raspberry-flavoured vapes but it will also please those of you who like that creamy, milky undertone which is growing increasingly popular in this market. MORE FLAVOURS AVAILABLE DRAGON FRUIT Percentage used + VG/PG ratio of mix: 3% at 70/30 | Throat hit: Mild GREEN APPLE HARD CANDY Percentage used + VG/PG ratio of mix: 4.5% at 70/30 | Throat hit: Mild Dragon fruit flavourings have long been a popular choice for mixers who wish to add a tropical accent to a profile without distracting from the main ingredients. Capella’s version is somewhat newer than its competitors and brings some different characteristics to the table. At three percent this will add intrigue and some tartness to fruit mixes without completely dominating the profile. Capella’s Dragon Fruit shares some characteristics with Capella’s Sweet Guava, but is a sharper, lighter flavour. Virtually any fruit mix will benefit from one to three percent of this concentrate and for that reason, it’s a great addition to anyone’s arsenal. Green Apple Hard Candy is a very simple concentrate and this makes it a good choice for newer mixers. It’s an upfront green apple with a noticeable hard candy accent. There is some of the tartness that is found in its real-life counterpart, which is something often missing from candy fruit flavourings. The potency is fairly forgiving too, which means you can use this concentrate as either the main body of a recipe, or simply to add a hard candy note to your favourite fruit mix. This makes it a versatile flavour that invites experimentation from new mixers who wish to avoid overly complex profiles. THE VAPER EXPO | 149