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BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Lord Liquid - Wings VG/PG ratio: 80/20 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild, very mild cooling Lord Liquid - Lemon 714 VG/PG ratio: 80/20 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Lord Liquid - X7 VG/PG ratio: 80/20 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Wings from the Lord Liquid range attempts to tackle the ever elusive “energy drink” profile. Many have tried and failed to emulate this popular style of beverage in e-liquid form, so how does this attempt fare? There’s clearly quite a lot going on with Wings. Energy drinks tend to be a mishmash of candy fruit flavours and, at the very least, this blend achieves that. The most prominent element of the fruit medley appears to be an ambiguous berry mix, with a mild tartness. This is supported by some citrus elements which contrast with the sweeter top notes and have an almost fizzy quality. There could well be more fruits in the mix here but it’s very hard to pick them out individually. The ambiguous nature of the profile is actually quite true to life, which is impressive. Vapers looking for a sweet beverage blend should check this one out. Another simple blend from the Lord Liquid range, Lemon 714 is described as a tangy, zesty lemon mix. This is an interesting one, because it seems to have several styles of lemon merged into one quite unique profile. A candied lemon sherbet is the most prominent here, it brings quite a lot of sweetness to the mix, along with a sticky mouthfeel and some bright top notes. This element of the profile has an almost fizzy sweetness to it, which can be difficult to achieve, so it’s a welcome surprise to see it executed well in this case. This is supported by a more natural lemon note that carries some bitterness and tartness to the mix. It’s a nice contrast to the more potent candy lemon and stops the profile from feeling one dimensional. This is a nicely layered simple lemon blend that will please citrus fans with a sweet tooth. In a market saturated with super complex e-liquids, it’s sometimes nice to vape something simple. X7 is such a blend that aims to capture the essence of a gummy cola bottle, and with such a stripped back profile there’s not much room for things to go wrong. The cola note here is vivid and certainly on the candied side, without any of the mild herbal notes found in natural cola beverages. It also carries a good dose of tartness, reminiscent of the coated gummy sweets. There’s also a sticky gummy candy note, which bolsters the sweetness of the profile whilst adding a sticky mouthfeel. This is a competent recreation of the nostalgic tuck shop treat and will likely please vapers with a sweet tooth. Mr Vapeling - Apple Pie VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Mr Vapeling - Battenberg VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Apple pie has become a staple of the e-liquid world, and many manufacturers who offer a dessert line take this classic treat and give it their own spin. Mr Vapeling’s version is dominated by a potent baked green apple with plenty of sweetness, although it does veer into candied territory at times with it’s brighter tart notes. This is complemented by a very mellow confectionary cinnamon, a safe pairing to be sure but it works well and is far from overpowering or harsh on the throat. The mix is rounded off with some light pastry notes which help give the profile some more body and a bit of staying power on the palate. Mr Vapeling’s take on this ever popular treat does not exactly push the boundaries, but it is a pleasant and nicely balanced profile nonetheless. The Mr Vapeling range takes inspiration from traditional British baked goods and Battenberg cake isn’t something often seen in the e-liquid world, so does it work? The top note here is a decadent almond marzipan icing. It carries an almost ethereal vanilla note and an accurately sticky mouthfeel. It’s the first time I’ve personally experienced marzipan in e-liquid form and in this case it’s very accurate. The icing is supported by a thick cake base that brings some fluffy texture to the mix as well as making the profile feel more substantial. The cake element here does a good job of preventing the marzipan from becoming thin or one dimensional. While it is on the sweeter side of things, Battenberg is a very authentic blend that captures this traditional confectionery brilliantly. Mr Vapeling - Bakewell Tart VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: High Throat hit: Mild Bakewell tart e-liquids seem to be growing in popularity within the UK as of late, so how does Mr Vapeling’s offering measure up to the competition? The top note here is a rather intense, no holds barred cherry that may divide the crowd. It packs a punch but may be a little too heavy handed for some vapers. This is supported by a full-on vanilla icing which brings a lot of sweetness to the mix, and while it does make sense as a pairing to the cherry, it too is quite bold. The profile is finished off with a fairly subtle pastry accent that does provide some body to the mix whilst layering the other flavours, but it isn’t as prominent as the cherry or icing notes. Bakewell Tart is not going to be for everyone, but those who enjoy intensely sweet bakery e-liquids may well be pleased with this. THE VAPER EXPO | 141