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REVIEWS BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Sion VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild Orientis VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild Sicarii VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Minimal Throat hit: Mild Described as a blend of strawberry and four creams, Sion is Brotherhood Vape Inc’s take on a classic e-liquid profile that has some stiff competition in the market. The most prominent note here is a light candied strawberry. Unlike some of its competitors, this does not come across as syrupy or overly artificial, which is ideal for those who prefer mellow dessert vapes. This is supported by an equally reserved cream base, which certainly adds some body to the mouthfeel, but doesn’t blast the palate with sweetness. I can’t pick out four individual creams but that’s hardly a surprise and there is at least some complexity going on in the background. This is well-balanced and very light strawberry cream vape that will be enjoyed by those looking for a reserved dessert which doesn’t become sickly. Described as a sharp but sweet pastry blend, Orientis is an enigmatic dessert blend. The top note is, without doubt, a sharp citrus, though it’s tough to tell if it’s grapefruit or bergamot. This bitter, zesty note has an authentic twang and seems to be supported by some more mellow, confectionary citrus notes. This is miles away from a conventional dessert top note and I commend Brotherhood Vape Inc for taking such a risk. This is supported by a mild vanilla, which does well to add some body to the mix and contrast with the citrus. The profile is rounded out by a subtle pastry base, which adds some welcome layering to the mix along with a bit of weight and staying power on the palate. Orientis is an interesting e-liquid, if you’re looking for a more adventurous lemon tart style vape, this is well worth checking out. Sicarii is billed as a wild black cherry blend. This is the simplest of the Brotherhood Vape Inc range, so how does it compare with its more nuanced siblings? Cherry has always been a difficult fruit to nail, many of the common flavourings have a strong medicinal connotation, and more natural versions are often weak and thin, requiring a lot of support from other fruits to really shine. Brotherhood have categorically succeeded where others have failed with Sicarii. This is a bold, authentic black cherry profile with no medicinal off notes. It carries the juicier elements found in the real fruit, with a subtle hint of bitterness, but this is supported by a tarter candy cherry that bolsters the profile without distracting from its authenticity. If you’ve been long searching for a fantastic black cherry vape, you may have just found it. Templar VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Nizari VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild, with cooling Camorra VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild, with cooling Another fruit medley bakery mix from the Brotherhood Vape Inc range. The manufacturer’s description doesn’t give much away, but this is clearly some kind of berry pastry profile. A mix of sweet, jam-like berries is the dominant flavour here. Seemingly a mix of blackberry and other dark fruits, the top note has a sticky, almost syrupy mouth-feel that will please those who enjoy decadent mixes. This is supported by moderately heavy pastry notes which prevent the mix from feeling thin or lacking substance by providing some fluffy texture and a slight bump to the overall sweetness. There does seem to be a subtle dairy accent, which could well be the butter denoted in the manufacturer’s description. This is a competent dessert blend, but it is a touch sweeter than the other Brotherhood offerings. Described as a refreshing citrus trifecta, Nizari is one of the simpler blends from the Brotherhood range. A sweet and tangy lemon/lime duo dominates the blend. They are definitely towards the candied end of the spectrum, but completely avoid overly artificial off notes. This is accented by a subtle undertone of what appears to be either orange or tangerine. This further boosts the tart notes while providing some extra sweetness and intrigue. Citrus mixes are often harsh at the best of times, but that is totally not the case with Nizari. This blend is as smooth as fruit medleys come, which leads me to believe that Brotherhood are smartly using some kind of pH neutralisers in the mix – this kind of attention to detail is rare. The profile is finished with a moderate coolant that imparts no flavour. This lifts the blend and the result is a true citrus all-day vape. Simple, but seriously good. Tropical ice blends have seen a meteoric rise in the e-liquid world over the last two years, coinciding with the huge influx of Malaysian products to the western market. Camorra is a fairly simple tropical blend from Brotherhood. The main notes here are pineapple and mango. Both are reminiscent of sweet beverages rather than the natural fruits, but this is ideal in a fruit/ice mix. Pineapple takes centre stage here. It’s rather sweet but does also carry a modicum of tartness. This is supported by a more mellow mango, which also provides some sweetness with its vibrant ripe notes but doesn’t become overpowering or floral as is often seen in mango-based profiles. The mix is finished off with a mild coolant that ties the simple ingredients together. Camorra is more than the sum of its parts and is a worthwhile tropical blend. 140 | THE VAPER EXPO