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NEWS A R U N D OW N O F T H E L AT E ST D E V E LO P M E N TS AND RESEARCH MAKING THE VA P E N E WS WO R L DW I D E 14 | THE VAPER EXPO Great British Vape Shops C a n v a p e shops save the Great British high street? Perhaps if recent research by the Centre for Economic and Business Research (CEBR) is any indication. According to a new report by the economic forecaster, the vape economy is having a positive effect on the wider economy as 40 percent of vape shops were found to be trading on premises that previously lay vacant. Almost 6,000 people are employed by vape shops in the UK. The number of vape shops opening has grown by more than 100 percent while retailers that have traditionally been a staple of the high street such as grocers are down 15 percent, and electrical goods stores are down 26 percent. Vaping behind bars Scottish prisoners are to be offered free vape kits as part of government plans to cut smoking rates behind bars. From November 30, the Scottish Prison Service will distribute starter kits free of charge until January 2019. Despite footing the initial £200,000 bill, the SPS believes that using an effective method of cessation will reduce costs in the long term. An SPS spokesperson said, “Introducing rechargeable vaping devices (RVDs) is an interim process to help prisoners break deep-seated habits.” Prisoners will also be educated on all harm reduction options, and how to cope in a tobacco-free environment. Vape advocates unite The UK’s largest vaping body is leading an international push for the World Health Organization to reform its stance on vape regulations. In 2016, the WHO tobacco group said member states could ban vaping products as part of a tobacco control plan. Now, the UKVIA and its worldwide counterparts are calling for the public health agency to reverse its views. The UKVIA has also raised concerns that the WHO’s stance may compromise the progress made by countries who have embraced vaping. Questions have been raised about the UK’s influence on WHO proceedings. After all the UK makes an annual donation of $164 million to the WHO, making it the agency’s second largest funder. . Jeremy Kyle backs Stoptober 2018 The Public Health England campaign has helped more than one million smokers attempt to quit smoking since its inception in 2012. Having been a full-time smoker for 35 years, TV presenter Jeremy Kyle took to vaping having come face-to-face with cancer. Now he is encouraging other life-long smokers to join him in living smoke-free. On the launch of the 28-day campaign, he said: “The thing that is really helping me stay smoke- free is vaping. I’m currently on the lowest nicotine strength and will then come off the e-cigarette altogether when the time is right for me. Since quitting I’ve learned just how important using support is and for people not to go ‘cold turkey’ – that certainly didn’t work for me in the past. If I can quit, I honestly believe anyone can quit if you just have the right support, and that’s what Stoptober is there to give you and I want people to know that and to do it this year.”