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REVIEWS JUICE REVIEWS BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES Blue Lollipop Rainbow Lollipop Caramel Lollipop VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Blue raspberry has always been popular in the e-liquid world and for whatever reason it’s a profile that has attracted a large following of die-hard fans over the years. I VG have done well here to not overcomplicate what should be a simple format. Raspberry is the dominant flavour here. It’s more towards the candied end of the spectrum, carrying a fair amount of sweetness and doing away with the sharper notes found in more natural renditions. This is accompanied by a milder sour blueberry note, which is again on the candied side. It does still have some floral notes though, which is something you’d expect from any competent blue raspberry mix. I’m not really getting a distinct lollipop flavour here, perhaps because the blue raspberry profile is already associated with hard candy. Rainbow Lollipop is described as a mixed fruit candy with a lollipop base. This is quite an ambiguous fruit profile and honestly rather difficult to describe. Rainbow Lollipop is certainly not a subtle blend, it’s a potent candy fruit medley that includes a large number of citrus and berry components. Lime and strawberry are quite prominent here, but other than this, the other fruit elements all seem to merge into one chewy candy blur. The lollipop base is also somewhat difficult to pick out, likely due to already candied nature of the profile. That’s not to say that Rainbow Lollipop is unpleasant by any means, but it will be more suited to vapers who enjoy intense candy vapes. Caramel can be a difficult flavour to replicate in e-liquid form. There’s always the danger of slipping into astringency or overpowering sweetness without proper care, so how is I VG’s caramel lollipop? This is a very simple profile that just works. The top note is a sweet candy caramel, reminiscent of traditional hard- boiled sweets that are widely loved in the UK and Ireland. It’s difficult to really pick out a discernible “lollipop” flavour here but this is perhaps just contributing to the hard-boiled caramel flavour and keeping it from tasting like the soft crack caramel found in desserts. Though there isn’t a lot of layering going on here, Caramel Lollipop manages to be a mellow and pleasant candy e-liquid. Bubblegum Lollipop VG/PG ratio: 70/30 Additional sweetener: Moderate Throat hit: Mild Following IVG’s most famous e-liquid, there’s no denying how popular this has been with vapers since its release. The profile gets somewhat of a reimagining here in the new IVG Pops range. The signature bubblegum, mint and mild coolant combination is still the star of the show though. It’s mellow, mildly sweet and refreshing as it always has been but is slightly altered by a noticeable hard candy accent. This addition does seem to slightly increase the sweetness of the profile, but not so much as to make it overbearing. Of all the IVG Pops range, the lollipop element is most noticeable here and it does taste quite true to life. This is likely to be a very popular flavour, but whether it will manage to dethrone the original is another question. 136 | THE VAPER EXPO