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REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES NEW VYPE ePEN 3 DEVICE SPECS: Dimensions: 123mm x 18mm x 27mm Battery capacity: 650mAh internal cell E-liquid capacity: 2ml closed pods Charging: 0.5A, Micro-USB • Good vape quality • Widely available, affordable pods • Reasonable battery life • Flavour choices fairly basic • No salt nicotine option Vype is one of the most ubiquitous and readily available e-cigarette brands in the UK. Whilst previous models were criticised for being somewhat outdated upon release, the new ePen 3 aims to buck this trend by capitalising on the huge and growing demand for pod systems. Closed pod systems are traditionally designed to be as small as possible, usually sacrificing battery life and performance in order to achieve the desired form factor. The ePen 3 does away with this design philosophy and instead opts for dimensions more similar to those of a basic pen style starter kit. This bigger chassis allows for a much more practical 650mAh internal cell. This is a smart decision, as too many closed pod systems are relegated to being back up devices by trading a reasonable run time for an ultra-discreet footprint. Although bigger than some of its closed system peers, the ePen 3 is still a slender and inconspicuous device that’s very pocketable and practical for any vaper on the go. The ABS construction with soft-touch finish is lightweight, without feeling cheap or flimsy. Instead, this is one of the more solidly built budget-friendly devices that I’ve tried recently, and this is a great bonus for users like myself who can, at times, be clumsy. Operating the ePen 3 couldn’t be simpler. Three clicks turn the device on or off, and when on, holding the power button will supply power to the top mounted, pod. The pre-filled 2ml pods snap in and out of place easily and securely, so no complaints there. Although not highlighted in the marketing material, there seems to be a built-in temperature control which prevents empty or near empty pods from firing up and thus eliminating dry hits. This is a great feature for any vaper but particularly for new vapers who might be put off e-cigarettes by a dry hit. Vapour production and flavour intensity are both reasonable. The Blended Tobacco and Crisp Mint pods I sampled with the device were basic flavour profiles which are likely to appeal to new vapers. There are also five more flavours to choose from, so if your preference is something fruity or creamy, the ePen 3 should have something to suit your needs. The 18mg pods provide a substantial, satisfying throat hit, which coupled with a restricted mouth-to-lung draw, make for a vaping experience eerily reminiscent of traditional cigarettes. Users can find pods in nicotine strengths all the way down to 0mg, so throat hit and nicotine intake can both be adjusted to taste by switching strengths. 7 FLAVOURS IN 3 NICOTINE LEVELS The Vype ePen 3 is an affordable, practical and simple closed pod system that will likely be very popular with newer vapers and those who wish to transition from smoking. If you’re looking for a fuss-free pod that’s widely available, the ePen 3 is a strong candidate. THE VAPER EXPO | 129