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REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES DEVICE SPECS: Dimensions: 31mm x 13.5mm x 80.2mm Battery capacity: 650mAh built-in cell Tank capacity: 2ml disposable pod Power output: 9-12W Charging: Micro USB, 1A quick charge • Easy to operate • Sleek finish • Short battery life Renova is a new subsidiary company from industry giants Vaporesso and the release of their first device under this new name has been hyped up for quite some time, resulting in a fair amount of anticipation from those who enjoy pod- style systems. Keen eyed vapers may notice that the Zero shares quite a few characteristics with the Vaporesso Nexus AIO released earlier in the year. The Zero takes the best parts from the Nexus and improves upon the platform, whilst doing away with some of the slight issues of its predecessor. The updated omni board mini that is somehow crammed into this tiny chassis allows for consistent regulated wattage output from the Zero system. There are three settings to choose from, and though there’s not a huge difference between them, vapers using particularly strong or harsh e-liquids will no doubt benefit from the lower power options. The automatic temperature control is still in place and seems to be more accurate than the sometimes overly cautious settings of the Nexus. This results in a more satisfying, warm vape that only starts to taper off when the pod is badly in need of a refill or charge. Flavour from the 1.0Ohm CCELL pods is above average for this kind of device. You may not be able to pick up every nuance of more complex blends, but this is to be expected from such stealthy systems and all of the main flavours come through nicely, especially bright fruit top notes. I found citrus and tropical e-liquids to work exceptionally well in the Zero kit. The integrated 650mAh cell is impressive for such a small device and even on the highest (12W) setting I found the Zero’s battery life to be surprisingly good. I got around five hours of moderate use out of the device before needing a charge and even this was a painless experience with the 1A quick charging that brings the device from flat to full in well under an hour. This makes the Zero a rather practical bit of kit for the inconspicuous vaper on the go. The pressure activated firing system didn’t miss a beat during my testing and though there’s no adjustable airflow on the CCELL pods I was thoroughly satisfied by the moderately restricted mouth to lung draw of the device. Purists looking for an old-school super tight MTL experience need not apply, but for anyone else this should be ideal for a pod system. The Renova Zero is a solid pod device that boasts good flavour, a convenient system and respectable battery life. Stealth vapers rejoice. THE VAPER EXPO | 125