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REVIEWS REVIEW BY PEACHES ATKINSON NOVO KIT DEVICE SPECS: Size: 88.3 x 24.3 x 14.3 mm Battery capacity: 450mAh E-liquid capacity : 2ml Weight: 40g SMOK is a globally known vaping device manufacturer, which has been at the foreont when it comes to new and fashionable vaping equipment. The Novo is a proud addition to the well-known SMOK family, and it’s easy to see why consumers will find it alluring. Not only does it look attractive, but it performs remarkably well, when it comes to a mouth-to-lung pod system. Pod systems are becoming increasingly popular with both new and experienced vapers. The kit also contains two pods, a USB charging lead and a user manual. • Easy to operate • Sleek finish • Short battery life The aesthetics of the Novo are incredibly sleek and stylish. The whole kit looks and feels very impressive, it fits perfectly in your hand and has a sturdy, substantial weight to it, and is improved even more by the smooth, rounded edges and glossy finish of this device. They come in a variety of attractive colours. The device itself is rather small, perfect for handbags, pockets or on the go. Using this device is very straightforward. As with most pod set ups, there is a disposable pod, that requires filling through a small hole, that is then sealed with a rubber plug when you are done refilling. There are no complicated adjustable settings on this device, not even a fire button. It only requires the user to inhale to produce the vapour. This makes pod systems very accessible, as there is no coil changing, no tricky settings, you can use any strength nicotine and, of course, its minute size. The battery capacity is a standard 450mAh, and it charges via USB. It takes around 30-40 minutes to charge fully. A full charge lasted me about five hours of moderate usage, so quite an average battery life. When it comes to how this device performs, it felt rather smooth, but with just enough of a throat hit to satisfy. It is designed as a MTL setup, so that it closely mimics the draw you would experience on a traditional cigarette. As a result, the Novo doesn’t produce a huge amount of clouds, as a sub-ohm tank. However, cloud production is still pretty good. High nicotine liquids – both standard and nic salts – would be perfect for this device, as it gives you a short, sharp inhale that doesn’t require you to puff constantly just to get a hit of nicotine. I found that the pod took about four refills by the time the coil had gone, so it was a little disappointing, especially as pods are not readily available in brick and mortar vape shops, mainly just online. 124 | THE VAPER EXPO