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REVIEWS REVIEW BY BENEDICT ‘NED’ JONES TANK SPECS: Dimensions: 40mm x 24mm Construction: Food grade polycarbonate + stainless steel Weight: 16g Resistance: 0.15ohms Capacity: 2ml (EU) / 3ml (non-TPD markets) • Fantastic vape quality • Good coil longevity • User friendly • The disposable nature raises environmental concerns • Turbulent airflow when set to fully open Innovation is a driving force behind the weekly hardware releases we see in the vaping industry, even though at times it can feel more like a buzzword. Manufacturers are constantly iterating on new tech, whilst combining tried and tested ideas to create products that serve particular needs or niches. I can honestly say that the Preco tank from Vzone is the first of its kind, and the success of this launch will determine whether we see a flurry of copycats in the coming months. We’ve talked before about the huge rise in popularity that pod systems have enjoyed and it seems the engineers at Vzone are capitalising on this, but in the context of a sub-tank. The Preco is a fully disposable mesh coil tank. This is not designed to be disassembled, re-coiled or rebuilt. Once the pre-installed mesh coil stops performing properly, you simply remove the tank from your device and replace it with a new one. The construction, fit and finish of the Preco are quite interesting. The polycarbonate body of the tank is predictably light weight, with the whole unit coming in at just 16g, but it doesn’t feel flimsy. In fact, in my testing I found this tank to be slightly more drop resistant than its glass counterparts, though it’s by no means as hard- wearing as a stainless-steel RDA. The only moving parts are the airflow control system and a rubber seal top-fill, and I found all the tolerances here to be spot on, with no noticeable variation between the several units I tested. The Preco seems to be a well-built tank, but its plastic design won’t be for everyone. Performance wise, the 0.15ohm mesh coils are absolutely fantastic. Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past six months, you’ll know that mesh is the new standard for sub-ohm tanks, and Vzone’s offering is up there with the very best in this category. 50-60W seems to be the sweet spot, and throughout these power levels you can expect to get a warm, dense and super flavourful vape. Airflow is slightly turbulent when used wide open, but this is easily fixed by adjusting down slightly, and doing so also further improves flavour output. As with all mesh coil tanks currently available, The Preco is on the noisy side when in use, but it’s not quite as dramatic as some of its competitors. Coil longevity is very reasonable too, I was able to run between 60-80ml of moderately sweet e-liquid through each tank before a noticeable decline in performance. The Preco is a very solid performer and an interesting concept which could really appeal to sub-ohm vapers looking for a totally hassle-free experience. 122 | THE VAPER EXPO