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Out of flavour? “WE EDUCATE PEOPLE AS MUCH AS WE CAN” - BY STAFF REPORTER - A s US hy s te ri a a ro u n d th e te e n -vapi ng ‘epidemic’ hits fever pitch, more and more adult vapers are attempting to sway the tide of public opinion by sharing stories about how vaping has helped them quit smoking. Often, this involves defending flavours as an essential tool in the switching process. JPL Flavour Technologies create bespoke IP-protected flavours tailored to customers’ specifications. The company has created flavours for almost all of the major UK brands we’ve come to know. Managing director of JPL Flavour Technologies Jake Lavelle knows first-hand just how up and down US regulators can be when it comes to understanding e-liquid flavours. The Food and Drug Administration and 15 of their chemists skyped Jake in May this year having asked for his consultation to help them draw up flavour regulations. While some may be tempted to roll their eyes at the FDA, the safety of flavour compounds used in the UK, North America and Asia is a very serious issue. Jake is highly critical of the arbitrary nature of regulations which he believes don’t address the very real problem of defining which ingredients can be safely consumed as e-liquids. “We keep finding flavours from places, America is 120 | THE VAPER EXPO probably the worst … there’s a dangerous compound called phenol, it’s really corrosive. Once it gets in the bloodstream it’s toxic but it’s not on the banned list. We found amounts of this in flavours from America. This is my issue with the safety of the flavours in these e-liquids.” In some cases, he says, tests fail to pick up chemicals banned under TPD and unclean e-liquids make it onto the market. In testing TPD-compliant e-liquid, Jake was shocked to find a number of potentially dangerous ingredients, including acetaldehyde, and phenol. “I think the industry is going down a dangerous path, assuming all flavours are safe. Our jobs as flavourists is to make you think that you’re tasting something when you’re not,” but, he adds, only with additives that are safe for consumption. His goal now is to push companies to invest in GC- MS flame ionisation equipment to analyse their flavour concentrates and compare them against the CAS numbers given. “We educate people as much as we can,” he said. “Part of what we’re going to do with the Vapouround Club will involve inviting companies to our new site to educate them on what chemicals they need to avoid. People shouldn’t be using food or ‘multi-purpose’ flavourings. We only use flavours that have been specially made for e-liquids.”