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INNOVATE TO THRIVE If you’re a juice manufacturer, you’ve already put blood, sweat, tears and countless sleepless nights into the development of your liquids. Now what? ENTER EASYSNAP. With an endless variety of flavours available to vapers, it’s never been more important to pay attention to detail. Last year, there were just 100,000 new vapers in the UK compared to 800,000 in 2014 (Action on Smoking and Health). You and your competitors are now racing to fight for the same consumer pool. PRESENTATION IS EVERYTHING. SO IS CONVENIENCE. The cost effective, convenient and innovative solution to your packaging. You’ve been seeking the next big thing in vaping, well here it is! Easysnap is the only one-hand opening and dispensing portion pack for liquid and is one- of-a-kind in the global e-cigarette industry. Using patented technology, vapers can snap, fold and squeeze these simple, pocket-friendly TPD compliant sachets. Easysnap enables your liquids to stand out, to attract not just current vapers but smokers looking for an alternative to cigarettes, helping you to target your brand to the independent retail sector – a brand that is cost-effective, ergonomic and innovative. THE VAPER EXPO | 117